Growing in popularity is Chatham lab-grown alexandrite. We get countless inquiries a month about this chrysoberyl gem and what makes it so special. The answer: its color-changing phenomenon from a bluish-green in daylight to a purplish red in incandescent lighting. Click here for an animated gif of this subtle transition in color.

Mined from the Ural Mountains of Russia, alexandrite is quite rare and highly valuable. By duplicating the conditions deep underground, Chatham makes this rare beauty possible.

June babies are lucky to have such a unique and magical gem as their birthstone. Here are a few of our favorite Chatham lab-grown alexandrite picks for the month.

This elongated oval lab-grown alexandrite ring has attitude and flair! Set on an angle, the surface is cut with a checkerboard pattern creating the perfect amount of reflection.

Shaped in our exclusive flame-cut, this lab-grown alexandrite pendant is classic with a twist. We’ve topped it off with a lab-grown diamond accented bar to add some sparkle and style.

One of our bestsellers in the Color Fashion Collection, this lab-grown alexandrite pendant is chic and different. Shaped in our exclusive onion-cut, this pendant is the perfect accessory to accent any outfit. 

You can never go wrong with a sleek pair of earrings. Featuring lab-grown alexandrites in elongated baguettes, these earrings will pair nicely with a polished up-do or a messy bun – depends on where you’re going!

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