For decades, you’ve come to rely on us for premium lab grown colored gemstones. But did you know we also grow diamonds? In fact, we first started growing colorless diamonds in the 1990s!

Today, we offer a wide range of sizes, shapes, and quality grades. Like our color, we sell our lab grown diamonds loose or mounted in beautifully designed styles. Our Diamond Fashion Collection strictly consists of the highest grades and our diverse pieces are a fit for everyone.

In All Shapes and Sizes

Our lab gown diamonds are available loose for any of your custom design needs. Whether your clients are shopping for studs, engagement rings, or pendants, we have a shape for you. 

Growing in popularity are the emerald and radiant cuts. Both share the same outer form; angular lines and cut corners, but each with its own unique characteristics. 

Emerald cut and radiant cut lab grown diamonds.

Emerald cuts are long and slender with a simple yet elegant look. Radiant’s, on the other hand, have brilliant pavilion faceting which gives off more fire and sparkle. 

Ovals continue to lead in fancy shapes with its softer and rounded edges. It’s a trending shape that continues to ride its wave of popularity, and we’re here for it!

Our lab diamonds come in a range of sizes, from about 0.25 cts up to around 6 carats (cut and faceted). Quality grades too, are offered across the board, from I2 to IF and D to J.

Prices can be dramatically less than you’d find in mined diamonds, especially with larger and higher quality goods.

To order loose lab grown diamonds, contact us at and we’ll give you options to choose from.

 (Lab Grown) Diamond Fashion Jewelry  

Modern. Classic. Avantgarde. No matter the style preference, Chatham has you covered. Our Diamond Fashion line is a well-rounded collection designed to commemorate individuality, self expression, life, and love. 

Diamond Fashion Jewelry Examples

Since selling a lab grown diamonds beauty is effortless, it’s really all about design. From dimensional geometrics to heavier gold, each piece is handcrafted for quality and value.

Within the Diamond Fashion line, there are several mini collections: Anniversary, Celestial, and Timeless. 

The Anniversary pendants celebrate the important numbers in our lives. Any milestone or momentous occasion is marked by a number. This collection is intended to remind your customers of such occasions.

Examples of Treasured Moments Jewelry

The Celestial Collection is fun, youthful, and packed with meaning. Designs are in honor of our constant guiding light in the sky. Styles are offered in star motifs or zodiac constellations set in both 14K white and yellow gold.   

The Timeless Collection is a unique depiction of clock pendants in varying styles. It celebrates the relevance of time and moments in our lives. 

Say Yes to Lab Grown Bridal

Yes, Chatham does bridal! 

Our Eternal Flame engagement ring line is one of our most demanded products in the jewelry category. Rings are offered with your choice of lab grown color or lab diamonds. It all comes down to meaning and sentimental symbolism behind the gemstone choice.

Example of Chatham Bridal Engagement Rings

If set with a Chatham lab grown diamond (or gemstone), each ring is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and Grading Report complete with color lore and ownership personalization.

With a wide range of styles to choose from, #ChathamBrides are growing every day! 

Ask us about our Eternal Flame Collection, and any other Chatham lab grown diamond jewelry piece at or 800-222-2002.

To connect with a Chatham Diamond Dealer in your area, please visit our Store Locator or Book an Appointment.