Chatham lab grown chrysoberyl ring

A recently discovered relative to the famous alexandrite, another rare form of chrysoberyl comes in a vibrant sea green. Linked to the sun, this bright bluish green chrysoberyl gets its popular, eye-catching color from the element vanadium. Chatham lab-grown chrysoberyls have a striking vanadium mint hue and excellent clarity.

Give Chrysoberyl as . . .

An everyday fashion gem, with a hardness of 8.5

A symbol of success and tranquility

The perfect gift for the fashionista who has it all

“She is creative and makes friends easily!”

Round Chatham lab grown Chrysoberyl gemstone
Chatham lab grown Chrysoberyl gemstones

Chatham Lab-Grown Chrysoberyl

Chatham lab-grown chrysoberyl makes this rare and relatively new gem much more available. We create the perfect environment with the exact amount of vanadium to grow large and clean seafoam green crystals. When they’re ready, we cut away about 80% of the rough to present faceted chrysoberyl with vivid mint green color, clarity and brilliance.

Even better, we cut these trendy chrysoberyls in a wide array of shapes that are otherwise impossible to find. Not only that, but these gems have less impact on the environment than earth-mined gems since they’re grown in our labs. Visit a Chatham retailer to rest your eyes on this unique seafoam green chrysoberyl in person.

About Chrysoberyls

Chrysoberyls commonly come in a range of colors from green, greenish yellow and yellow to brown. But it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that the extremely rare and valuable mint green chrysoberyl was discovered in Tanzania. Often referred to as vanadium chrysoberyl, the bright bluish green chrysoberyl is one of the most desirable gems in today’s fashion.

The name chrysoberyl is derived from the Greek words “chryso” and “beryl,” meaning “golden” and “green” respectively. Despite chrysoberyl’s name, it is a whole different mineral group from the beryl species. The unique mint green chrysoberyl gets its vibrant color from the element vanadium.

Reflecting the calm of tropical waters with its seafoam green color, this chrysoberyl is a symbol of success and tranquility. Astrologers link chrysoberyls to the sun and they are also associated with discipline and self-control. The extraordinary bluish green variety can signify growth and creativity.

Chrysoberyl is excellent for everyday wear since it is durable and easy to care for with a hardness of 8.5. The rare mint green chrysoberyl has inspired fresh and elegant looks in the fashion world, making it the perfect pop of color to refresh your wardrobe.

14K white gold Chatham lab grown diamond necklace featuring Chatham lab grown Chrysoberyl

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