Aqua Blue Spinel

The refreshing blue of clear water reflecting the Caribbean sun, Chatham labgrown aqua blues pinel is a vacation for your eyes.The stunning skyblue compliments both warm and cool colors making it a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. These vibrant and durable rare gems are suitable for everyday wear and would make a beautiful center piece for any type of jewelry. Our aqua blue spinels have excellent clarity and lovely blue hues that rival the betterknown aquamarine gemstone.

Give Aqua Blue Spinel as…

A beautiful alternative to aquamarine

Perfect for everyday wear with a hardness of 8

August birthstone

Symbolic for friendship

She is a peaceful and free spirit!

Chatham Lab-Grown Aqua Blue Spinel

This color of spinel is nearly impossible to find in nature, but Chatham grows beautiful aqua blue spinel in the laboratory better than any we’ve seen grown under the earth. We create the ideal environment for the sea-blue crystals to form large and clear. To ensure that each of our faceted aqua blue spinels have excellent color, clarity and brilliance, we cut away about 80% of the rough. 


Practically impossible to find in the earth-mined variety of this rare gem, we cut our aqua blue spinels in a wide array of shapes to fit the latest styles and jewelry designs. Not to mention that Chatham lab-grown gems have less of an impact on the environment than earth-mined ones. Visit a Chatham retailer to rest your eyes on the beauty of aqua blue spinel for yourself. Nothing compares to seeing it in person. 

About Aqua Blue Spinels

A rare beauty often mistaken for the more common aquamarine, aqua blue spinel has the same peaceful quality as flowing water. Its soft pastel blue flatters any skin tone and looks just as pretty set in white, yellow or rose gold. This chameleon quality means you’ll love how it looks with nearly anything you wear. 


You can wear the beautiful blues of the sky and the sea in any carat size since it doesn’t need to be over five or ten carats to display this lovely color like aquamarine. 

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