Aqua Blue Spinel Gems

Like water shining in the Caribbean sun, our aqua blue spinels are a vacation for your eyes. The perfect sky-blue looks wonderful with both warm and cool colors. Spinel is a brilliant and durable rare gem found in many crown jewels. Chatham lab-grown aqua blue spinels have lovely color and excellent clarity.

Aqua Blue Spinel Gift Ideas…

A lovely alternative to aquamarine

Everyday wear, with a hardness of 8

The gem of friendship

She is a calm, free spirit!

Chatham Lab-Grown Aqua Blue Spinel

Chatham grows perfect crystals of aqua blue spinel in the laboratory that are better than any we’ve ever seen in nature, where this color of spinel is almost impossible to find. We create the perfect environment so the sea-blue crystals grow large and clean. When we cut the crystals, we cut away about 80% of the rough to give you faceted aqua blue spinels that have excellent color, clarity, and brilliance.

Best of all, we cut our aqua blue spinels in a wide variety of shapes that are otherwise almost impossible to find. And because they are created in our labs, they have less of an impact on the environment than mined gems. Visit a Chatham retailer to experience the beauty of aqua blue spinel for yourself.  Your eyes will thank you!

About Aqua Blue Spinels

What is it about gazing at water that brings peace to the soul? Aqua blue spinel has that same restful quality. Its color combines the best of the sky and the sea. And its soft pastel blue is so flattering against the skin. It’s one of the few gems that looks just as beautiful set in white, yellow and rose gold. This chameleon quality means you’ll love the way it looks with almost everything in your closet.

Unlike aquamarine, the gem it most resembles, aqua blue spinel doesn’t need to be over five or ten carats in size to have a lovely color.

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