Champagne Sapphire Gems

With the desired color of morganite and the hardness of corundum, champagne sapphire has a rich brilliance and beauty that is unmatched. As a colored gemstone alternative to the engagement ring, many favor champagne sapphire’s peachy pink hue. Chatham lab-grown champagne sapphire has exceptional color, brilliance and clarity.

Champagne Sapphire Gift Ideas…

The September birthstone

A more durable alternative to morganite

Great for engagement rings with a hardness of 9

The gem of purity and hope

She is casual chic!

Chatham Lab-Grown Champagne Sapphire

Chatham makes the beauty of this gem much more available with lab-grown champagne sapphire that have the sought-after color of the best-mined gems. Growing champagne sapphire crystals takes about nine months. We create the perfect environment so the pink crystals grow large and saturated in color. When we cut the crystals, we cut away about 80% of the rough to give you faceted champagne sapphire that have excellent color, clarity, and brilliance.

We offer two different shades that are truly stunning: True Champagne (nude-colored undertones) and Pink Champagne (pink undertones). Both shades have intense color saturation and high clarity. 

We cut our champagne sapphires in a wide variety of shapes that are otherwise almost impossible to find. The oval or century cuts have risen to popularity above all other shapes. But the best part is that our champagne sapphires have less of an impact on the environment than mined gems because they are grown in a lab.

About Champagne Sapphires

Just peachy, the color of champagne sapphire is what attracts most collectors to this exotic gem. Its soft pastel blush tone is flattering against any skintone. Its pink champagne color looks especially lovely set in rose gold. This feminine gem is a variety of corundum, the gem family that also includes a variety of sapphires and ruby.

Most commonly referred to as peach sapphire, this truly spectacular stone comes from Sri Lanka. Not to be confused with padparadscha sapphire, another variety of corundum with a more peachy dominant color saturation than champagne.

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