Spring 2022 Fashion

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Wear a Pop of Spring

In 2022’s quickly changing landscape, the joyful and natural colors of spring bring a comforting sense of hope and balance. Refresh your spring wardrobe with Chatham lab-grown gems that we’ve coordinated with the latest color trends forecasted by the Pantone Color Institute. 

Let’s start with the perfect complement for any outfit all-year-round—alexandrite!

Alexandrite’s rare ability to change its color from a bluish green in the sunlight to a purplish red in incandescent light fits right into what Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute aptly described as “a world of unprecedented change.” The same sentiment inspired the Pantone Color of the Year, Very Peri, whose violet-red undertone “displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expressions.” Sharing the blue and red hues of Very Peri in certain lighting, alexandrite is the go-to gem for 2022.

Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri Alexandrite Necklace CPN0013WAL - $1,764


A fresh take on a classic look—this 14K white gold necklace features Chatham lab-grown alexandrite in our unique elongated baguette cut. Enveloped in lab-grown diamonds to embellish this bold style.

With bluer skies accompanying the spring season, it’s no surprise that Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2022 Color Palette for New York Fashion Week features a range of blue tones including Spun Sugar, a light and airy pastel blue, and Glacier Lake, a cool and calming tone. Aqua blue spinel encompasses the same restful quality of a clear blue sky or flowing water that Spun Sugar and Glacier Lake call to mind. 

Pantone 16-4118 Glacier Lake and 12-4401 Spun Sugar Aqua Blue Spinel Ring CR 12417WAQ


Aqua blue spinel’s durability and ability to compliment any color in your closet make it the perfect centerpiece for this 14K white gold ring. The stream of diamonds around the original Chatham flame cut adds another splash of sparkle.

What’s more beautiful than a pop of pink blooms against the cool spring sky? The feminine beauty of pink sapphire’s rosy color recalls the serenity and balance of a spring garden. Pantone agrees that spring isn’t complete without pink. The delicate touch of Gossamer Pink and the striking Innuendo pink shade in their spring palette resemble the pastel to hot pinks found in pink sapphire.

Pantone 18-2042 Innuendo and 13-1513 Gossamer Pink Sapphire Ring CR6653WPS


Add a touch of romance to everything you wear with this 14K white gold ring adorned with an oval lab-grown pink sapphire. Two symmetrical rows of diamonds accentuate this fancy sapphire as a symbol of tranquility and balance.

Pantone not only pays homage to the lighter sky blues in their spring lineup but also incorporates a deeper hue called Skydiver. Blue sapphire has a similar twilight tone that led the ancient Persians to believe the earth rested on a giant sapphire and its reflections painted the variety of blues found in the sky and sea. So, it’s only fitting for blue sapphire to round out our 2022 spring lineup.

Pantone 19-4151 Skydiver Blue Sapphire Earrings CE4151WBS


Pay tribute to the richer blues of spring with these 14K white gold earrings combining a baguette and pear cut of Chatham lab-grown blue sapphire in its daring design. The cascade of diamonds down its length enhances the breathtaking effect.

Towards the end of a lovely spring day, busy bees often take a break from their evening procession in awe of a sunset’s bright array of oranges and reds. Padparadscha completes our spring list with its brilliant pink and orange hues that give off a similar show-stopping quality. Pantone may have also had this scene in mind when they selected the fiery red Poinciana for their spring palette.

Pantone 18-1564 Poinciana Padparadscha Pendant CP3425YPD


Make a dramatic statement with this padparadscha pendant in a Chatham-exclusive flame cut. Set in 14K yellow gold with bright diamond accents for a fiery flair to your spring wardrobe.

Keep up with this year’s spring trends with Chatham’s lab-grown gemstones. They add a pop of color and class to any spring style and have less impact on the environment than their mined counterparts.

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