Now that the diamond dust has settled, we are ready to share all of the news, highlights, and trends we experienced this JCK Show season.JCK Show is the annual premiere Jewelry trade show where thousands of Jewelry retailers and vendors worldwide gather to do business. This is where the magic happens – the big reveal of new products, new collections, and new styles!

Anniversary Collection Launch

To commemorate our BIG 80 this year, we unveiled our Anniversary Collection – 14K gold pendants featuring numbers 1 through 9 set with lab-grown diamond accents. This was a big hit! The beauty of this collection is its cleverly designed form making it possible to function for two purposes. The oval in the background could appear as a simple design element or it could act as a zero if it fits the occasion. It could read as a single or double-digit number: 1st or 10th anniversary2nd or 20th3rd or 30th4th or 40th5th or 50th6th or 60th7th or 70th8th or 80th, and 9th or 90th.

A collection of endless possibilities, it celebrates the significant numbers in your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to represent an anniversary. It could be a birthday. A jersey number. A lucky number. Because of its versatility, we’re sure you’ll be seeing these pendants displayed in your local retailer soon!! This is the perfect go-to gift to mark that special occasion.

Diamond Fashion Trends

While last year’s launch of our new Diamond Fashion Line was met with great enthusiasm and positivity, we decided to expand this collection to feature a variety of innovative styles. Designs were inspired by the world around us. Dimension and sculptural elements were the highlights of the line. Pendants in varying geometric forms are covered in high-quality lab-grown diamonds pave set, strung by black German silk cord. The fire and brilliance on these beauties are so reflective due to the top tier lab-grown diamonds used – all D-E-F / VVS quality stones.

These new styles include pendants, rings, earrings, and cuffs. All high polished 14K yellow, white or rose gold. Illusionstyle earrings were introduced and chunkier-style rings were brought back from the past. The collection represents a high-end luxury look made with superior craftsmanship and great attention to detail and finish. This collection is very out-of-the-box for Chatham, but we have never shied away from being daring and different.

Movements in Color

Chatham is still known for its array of lab-grown colored gemstones. We thrive in color and our booth attracts customers because of our colorful atmosphere.

Chatham Lab-Grown Alexandrite was a busy station this year. Because mined Alexandrite is quite rare and expensive, lab-grown Alexandrite is more affordable and accessible to the public. Our Alexandrite is rather stunning and receives a lot of attention from passers-by. It’s a gemstone that goes with everything. It represents adventure and excitement for change. Our Jewelry Designs bring out the true uniqueness of this stone.

Chatham Lab-Grown Sapphire continues to be the leading gemstone of the show, followed by Lab-Grown Ruby and Emeraldrespectively. A small collection of rings were just added to these gemstone lines featuring thicker shanked rings with peekaboo cutouts to soften the more solid look.

Our switch from Morganite to Champagne Sapphire also drew interest. Being able to show the difference between Morganite’s paler tone to Champagne Sapphire’s brighter hue, was a great benefit of visiting the booth. The difference between the two side-by-side is evident. Styles remain the same as when they featured Morganite, but because the gemstone is now much more saturated in color, it creates a fresh new look to the piece.

ABC Is As Easy As 123

There is nothing more personal than celebrating someone’s identity: their name. Chatham’s Initial Collection continues to draw buzz. Not because of the lab-grown gemstones or use of lab-grown diamonds, but because of its originality. Letters were inspired by the Chatham logo font, turning it into a stylized initial rather than the traditional block or script. And because this collection is also offered in Sterling Silver, it allows for greater affordability.

Chatham proves today to be a full-scale Jewelry brand with a wide assortment of product lines. We continue to expand, innovate and grow. We can’t wait for next year to see what else we have up our sleeves! Stay tuned…

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