As the romantic music swells, your loved ones stand up in anticipation for your grand entrance. Every bride looks forward to turning heads as she walks down the aisle. From the dress to hair and makeup, a lot goes into getting  ready for your special moment. Equally important, the jewelry you wear can elevate your style and compliment your features. Bridal jewelry is where you can express your personality uninhibited by the traditional bridal color scheme. Throughout the years, bridal fashion has evolved with trends to express the bride’s individual style and values. Today, one of the most popular rising bridal fashion trends is sustainable lab-grown bridal jewelry.

Why Lab-Grown Jewelry is Revolutionizing Bridal Fashion

One reason brides are embracing lab-grown jewelry is due to an increased awareness of the long-lasting impacts that gemstone and diamond mining have on the surrounding areas. There are also countless unspeakable human rights violations involved in these activities. With this in mind, environmentally conscious brides are turning to lab-grown gemstones to achieve their desired look.

Furthermore, growing these precious gems in a lab creates the exact same materials the earth is ripped open to harvest. There’s also no chance of water pollution. However, no products have zero environmental impact. It’s true that crystal growers use energy and chemicals derived from the earth. But in comparison, the carbon footprint of growing these gems is a small fraction of mining.

As consumers grow more conscious of how their purchases affect the environment, the fashion industry is adapting. Celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Penelope Cruz and Meghan Markle have been spotted wearing lab-grown gemstones on the red carpet. Choosing lab-grown gems and diamonds is the most socially responsible choice when it comes to your bridal jewelry purchase.

Other benefits of lab-grown gemstones includes their availability and affordability. Compared to earth-mined diamonds of similar quality, lab-grown diamonds generally cost about 30% to 80% less. This, of course, depends on the size, shape, and quality of the diamond. However, the general rule is the price difference increases as the weight and quality of the diamond rises. For brides, this often results in being able to afford that larger stone or grander diamond fashion piece for the big day.

But not all lab-grown gemstones are the same.

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How Chatham Stands Out from the Rest

Chatham is proud to be the pioneer of lab-grown gemstones. Chatham lab-grown gemstones have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined gems. But we don’t “make” gems. Rather, we control the environment so that crystals can grow naturally. This is only achieved when we recreate the same conditions in which gems grow in the earth.

For the past 80 years, we’ve been leading the world in this explosive category. We’ve advanced our lab-grown technology to offer a kaleidoscope of lab-grown gemstones. The resulting gemstones are not only real but of the highest quality. Actually, we cut away 80% of the rough to deliver gemstones that match the quality of the finest mined gems.

We achieve this high quality with the flux growth method. In comparison, other growers use the inexpensive flame fusion process instead which takes about an hour instead of a year. However, their gemstones look more like glass due to the resulting disoriented crystal structure. In contrast, Chatham believes it’s worth devoting a year to growing crystals with the same crystal structure as mined stones. As a result, our gems also have the same brilliance and reflection as the finest earth-mined stones.

In addition to excellent quality for a smaller price tag, Chatham also makes rare gems more available such as alexandrite and ruby. Not only that, but Chatham cuts these gems in a wide array of shapes that are otherwise hard to find. This includes Chatham-exclusive shapes such as the flame and onion.

This product plants one tree. Emerald Ring CR11738YEM $2,277.00

But Chatham doesn’t stop at sustainably growing gems.

On top of this, Chatham has a long history of support for environmental preservation, education, and gemological research. In fact, Chatham’s continuous contributions exceed $1,500,000 of gift and kind.

One way we give back to the planet is by planting a tree for every product sold. We do this with help from One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to global reforestation. When you purchase your Chatham luxury lab-grown jewelry, keep an eye out for the One Tree Planted stamp on your Chatham Certificate of Authenticity.

Whether you’re looking for sustainable bridal fashion or that fashion piece of your dreams, Chatham provides elegant options for brides. Find the latest fashion trends in Chatham’s extensive collection of luxury lab-grown jewelry. From contemporary and unique to traditional and classy, Chatham has something to match every bride’s personal taste.

Spring Into Style with Lab-Grown Bridal Jewelry

The first bridal fashion trend is centered on the beauty of nature. Specifically, spring weddings look forward to the temperate weather and flower-filled vistas that accompany this time of year. Accordingly, spring brides often choose floral dress designs, lighter material or airy frames to match the warmer weather. Inspired by nature, these lab-grown bridal jewelry designs feature bright color and intricate designs perfect for spring or summer brides.

Lab-Grown Champagne Sapphire Pendant

Lab-grown champagne sapphire’s soft pastel blush tone especially fits in this trend since it reminds us of spring blooms. It’s also very flattering against the skin. As seen below, this lab-grown gem looks stunning set in this 14K rose gold pendant. In addition, strands of chocolate and lab-grown colorless diamonds wrap the pear-cut stone like petals around an opening flower bud. Moreover, it’s perfect for the spring bride who wants some feminine color without appearing too girly.

CP3902RCS $2,211.00

Lab-Grown Aqua Blue Spinel Pendant

But spring color doesn’t have to mean floral. This next option features lab-grown aqua blue spinel. Furthermore, it’s soft pastel blue glitters like the sun on the Caribbean Sea in this 14K white gold pendant. Besides the center stone, lab-grown diamonds add even more elegant sparkle to this chic design.

Alexandrite Earrings: CE4825WAL $2,814.00

A Moment of Forever with Lab-Grown Bridal Jewelry

Since weddings themselves are an age-long tradition, this second trend celebrates the couple’s new commitment and life together. While classic wedding fashion takes many forms, it always carries the timeless romance of the occasion. Whether it’s a retro A-frame dress or a vintage lace silhouette, classy brides are old souls who know what they like. With this in mind, here’s some lab-grown bridal jewelry pieces that will never go out of style.

Matching Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire Jewelry Set

Indeed, there are many meaningful traditions honored in the wedding ceremony. One of these practices is for the bride to wear “something blue.” This adage comes from blue sapphire’s own rich history as the gemstone of truth and faithfulness. Furthermore, it’s a symbol of promise and betrothal. As such, blue sapphire is still a popular gemstone to feature on an engagement ring today.

Even without blue sapphire on your engagement ring, sapphire jewelry adds “something blue” for the wedding day. To this effect, this matching lab-grown blue sapphire set adds that romantic touch of blue to your classic bridal look. Commonly seen in vintage pieces, the oval checkerboard faceting compliments the Golden-Era nostalgia. Likewise, a chic halo of lab-grown diamonds adds the finishing touch to each 14K white gold piece.

Depending on your dress and personal flair, add one piece or all three for the right amount of timeless sparkle. If you’re looking for a different style, then browse our lab-grown blue sapphire jewelry for more traditional or modern options.

Pendant: CP4909WBS - $1,704.00.<br />
Earrings: CE4606WBS - $3,198.00.<br />
Ring: CR14283WBS - $2,601.00.

Lab-Grown Ruby Necklace

For another classy bride who would like a grander effect, Chatham’s Millennium Collection has that one-of-a-kind head-turner you’re looking for. In fact, each style will only be made once, so you will be the only one wearing this radiant beauty.

This spectacular lab-grown ruby necklace is one of those aforementioned pieces. As seen below, the center round ruby burns with the fire of your love. Rubies are symbols of passion and desire making them a beautiful symbol of your undying love. Not to mention, it’ll compliment your classic red lipstick. For the finishing flourish, lab-grown diamonds surround the gem and grace your collarbone in luxurious sparkle.

CN0253WRU - $11,451.00

Artsy & Modern Lab-Grown Bridal Jewelry

Fashion is an expression of your inner self and bridal fashion is no exception as seen in this third lab-grown bridal jewelry trend. Similar to hair and makeup, bridal jewelry adds the finishing touches for a sophisticated look. For the modern bride with an artistic flair, the following lab-grown bridal jewelry pieces will inspire her inner artist.

Lab-Grown Alexandrite Earrings

For the first artsy piece, these 14K white gold earrings fall below the earlobe ending seamlessly in a lab-grown alexandrite. This rare fashion gem displays a unique color changing phenomenon. As a result, it appears blueish green in daylight and purplish red at night by the glow of candlelight. The mysterious gem is also cut in Chatham’s exclusive onion shape for a unique flair. To top it off, lab-grown diamonds extend the sparkle further up the earrings.

CE4766WAL $2,562.00

Lab-Grown Diamond Fashion Cuff

In today’s fashion, cuffs are all the rage again. Therefore, this 14K two-tone diamond cuff adds timely elegance to any bride’s appearance. To this effect, 14K yellow gold intertwines with 14K white gold glittering in lab-grown diamonds. The delicate design, as described, adds grace to the bride’s movements. It’s also perfect for adding interest to your arms if you’re going sleeveless. Of course, you can wear this cuff on your wrist. But another trending option is to wear it on the upper arm for a more daring look.

FDC1232YW $9,770.00

Out of a Fairytale Lab-Grown Bridal Jewelry

From princess ballgowns to ethereal aesthetics, this fourth lab-grown bridal jewelry trend is about living your fairytale dreams. These enchanting designs feature bright yet delicate colors with unique details that even a fairy godmother would approve of. Transport yourself to a magical oasis with the finishing touches of whimsical elegance listed below.

Lab-Grown Padparadscha Earrings

Featured first is the ethereal pinkish red color of the exotic lotus blossom in these lab-grown padparadscha earrings. Bearing the name of the sacred lotus, padparadscha represents the peace and enlightenment of this delicate yet resilient bloom. This rare gem takes the form of Chatham’s exclusive onion cut for an even more unique design. Not only that, but 14K white gold enwraps the gem, resembling its namesake flower as its petals open up. Better yet, lab-grown diamonds lend their sparkle to the elegant design. To conclude, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of an enchanted forest with these spellbinding lab-grown padparadscha earrings.

CE3074WPD $3,174.00

Lab-Grown Aqua Blue Spinel Necklace

Next up, feel like a princess with this lab-grown aqua blue spinel necklace fit for the royal ball. A one-of-a-kind design from Chatham’s Millennium Collection, you’ll be the only bride to ever wear this statement piece. Remarkably, it features a more than 20-carat lab-grown aqua blue spinel. This aqua blue gem glitters like water in the Caribbean sun. In addition, swirls of lab-grown diamonds carry the sparkle over your collarbone. As a result, they won’t be able to take their eyes off you when you make your grand entrance dressed in such splendor.

CN3989WAQ $16,002.00

Glamorous & Bold Lab-Grown Bridal Jewelry

For the fun-loving bride, this final lab-grown bridal jewelry trend is running rampant. Featuring shorter dress lengths and rock-n-roll or bohemian inspired accents, these brides defy traditions in favor of bold self-expression. Alternative brides favor effortless bridal fashion that seamlessly transitions from ceremony to after-party. Up next, these lab-grown bridal jewelry pieces are perfect for the edgy bride embracing her role as life of the party.

Lab-Grown Diamond Fashion Pendant

Shine like a disco ball with this lab-grown diamond fashion pendant. Hanging from a black silk cord, a 14K white gold pointed oval shimmers with lab-grown diamonds. As seen below, this chic design goes perfectly with your black leather or classic denim jacket. With all its glamor, this pendant elevates your effortless beauty to effortless elegance.

FDP4756W $8,410.00

Lab-Grown Emerald Cuff

Next, this 14K white gold cuff adds fierce color and sparkle to your bridal debut. This is due to over 5 carats of lab-grown emeralds adorning this trendy accessory in glamorous green. Furthermore, emerald is the stone of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. As such, it’s also been dubbed “The Stone of Successful Love.” Better yet, Chatham’s exclusive flame cut adds intrigue to these gems worthy of goddesses. Plus, webs of lab-grown diamonds put this bridal bling over the top.

As a truly unique cuff from Chatham’s Millennium Collection, only one bride will ever get to own this statement piece. If you’re the lucky bride, then this will make every gesture of your wrist look extra graceful. You can also place it on your upper arm for a bolder look that the legendary Cleopatra once rocked.

CB1131WEM $11,175.00

Here Comes More Lab-Grown Bridal Jewelry

The 5 lab-grown bridal jewelry trends described above are popular choices for modern brides this 2023 wedding season. However, the Chatham lab-grown jewelry pieces previously featured are only a few of the different styles available. Since every modern bride has her own personal tastes, Chatham offers a wide range of lab-grown luxury jewelry designs.

As mentioned before, Chatham’s Millennium Collection offers lab-grown bridal jewelry for the glamorous bride looking to make a statement. You can’t help feeling special in one of these showstoppers that no one else will ever get to wear. Immortalize this moment to remember with these unforgettable necklaces and cuffs.

If you’re looking for more understated elegance, then Chatham’s Diamond Fashion Collection offers classic to contemporary lab-grown diamond jewelry. These diamond fashion pieces are that touch of elegant sparkle every bride wants for her special day.

While diamonds are forever, some modern brides see their forever moment in vivid color. To accomodate every bride’s fashion sense, our Color Fashion Collection designs range from minimalist to maximalist. Not only that, but each lab-grown gemstone has its own unique romantic meaning. Thus, these color fashion designs are perfect for telling your love story in elegant color.

No matter your desired bridal look, Chatham’s luxury lab-grown jewelry collections have the sustainable fashion design you’ve been searching for. To view these high-quality lab-grown gemstones in person, visit a Chatham retailer near you.

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