Personalize Your Engagement Ring with Chatham Lab-Grown Gemstones

After two years, venues are finally reopening to full capacity and large parties are possible again. For couples talking about forever, this is the perfect time to pop that long-awaited question. Suddenly, more proposal and engagement ring pictures have filled everybody’s Instagram feeds. This has inspired many couples to seek a piece of forever that stands out from the rest.


An increasingly popular way to make an engagement ring memorable is by featuring colored gemstones. These colorful jewels can represents you, your partner and your relationship. This trend continues to gain ground in 2022 with the help of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox. Jennifer Lopez received a green diamond engagement ring and Megan Fox accepted a two-band engagement ring with a diamond and Colombian emerald.


They are not the first to incorporate colored gemstones into their engagement rings and they won’t be the last. Engagement ring designs that mixed diamonds with other precious gemstones have been popular since the Victorian era. The Art Deco era in the 20s and 30s saw colored gemstones as the center stones in platinum and white gold rings. After World War II, colored gemstones became the popular choice due to their budget-consciousness. First Lady Jackie Kennedy rocked a stunning diamond and emerald engagement ring in 1953 making emerald engagement rings more popular. And, of course, we can’t forget Princess Diana’s iconic blue sapphire engagement ring. It currently rests on that hand of Kate Middleton.


Each gemstone comes with its own rich history and meaning to consider when deciding on an engagement ring. Diamonds are not the only gemstones that mean forever anymore. No matter what jewel you lean towards, your engagement ring should be distinctly you and bring your love story to life.


The Diamond Engagement Ring

While diamonds are not the only gemstone to mean forever anymore, they are still the traditional and most popular choice for engagement rings. They are the ultimate symbol of love, devotion and strength as the hardest material on earth. Gracing the red carpets as the fashionable choice for Hollywood celebrities, they also signify power and wealth.


The first recorded diamond engagement ring was given in 1477 to Mary of Burgundy. But this symbol of betrothal didn’t become popular until 1947 with the slogan, “A Diamond is Forever.” Not only is it the classic engagement ring, but it’s also the April birthstone and zodiac gem for Cancer and Libra. This gives it an extra special meaning for brides born in these months. A classy bride with sophisticated fashion may prefer diamonds for their lavish sparkle and timeless romanticism.

Eternal Flame Collection: RE12696W10AC - $2,532.00, RE12668W10R - $2,841.00, RE12645W10R - $3,588.00. Mounting only. Center stones quoted separately

At Chatham, we believe your engagement ring should not only tell a love story, but your love story. This belief inspired our Eternal Flame Collection with a wide assortment of styles from traditional to modern and completely original. Each ring includes two small Chatham lab-grown blue sapphires in our exclusive flame cut to represent the hottest part of the flame. This detail imbues each ring with deep meaning and makes any style stand out. Better yet, each ring is customizable with gemstones that best tell your love story.

The Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Next to the diamond, blue sapphire is one of the most well-known engagement ring stones. Blue sapphire represents truth, honesty and faithfulness and is the reason we say, “true blue.” These are only a few reasons why a blue sapphire engagement ring is the perfect “something blue” for a bride to wear on her wedding day.


Blue sapphire has a long history of romance and royalty. It extends to the famous blue sapphire engagement ring currently worn by Kate Middleton. But it started long before, in the medieval era, when Pope Innocent III instituted a mandatory waiting period before the marriage ceremony—known today as the engagement period. Some of the first engagement rings ever given were blue sapphire. It was believed that a sapphire’s color would change or fade during the engagement period if worn by an impure or untruthful person. Since then, blue sapphires have been well-loved by the royal British family. Princess Diana’s iconic engagement ring made blue sapphires a more popular choice among couples today.


It’s no wonder why blue sapphires are a famous alternative to the diamond for engagement rings. It is also the September birthstone and the zodiac gem for Taurus, Virgo and Libra. Brides born in these months often choose blue sapphire for their personal connection to the stone. Blue sapphires connote beauty and inner peace as well. They are a lovely selection for brides looking to tell their love story in color while still maintaining a semi-traditional appearance.

CR8253WBS - $2,667.00

This Chatham lab-grown exclusive onion-cut blue sapphire set in 14K white gold is a fresh take on the blue sapphire engagement ring. Pavé-set diamonds embellish the unique curve of the onion cut and loop around the base of the shoulder in chic elegance.

The Ruby Engagement Ring

Rumored to have the power to light hearts aflame with love and passion, ruby is a gorgeous choice for an engagement ring. Rubies are the color of life, matching the rich red of the blood that runs through our veins. It also expresses our most profound emotions—love, anger, passion and fury. They’re a historical favorite of royalty and warriors as symbols of courage, power and desire.


While more lovers are selecting the vibrant red of a ruby engagement ring recently, rubies have a long history of adorning the fingers of brides. In the 17th and 18th centuries, couples paired rubies with diamonds on their engagement rings to signify love and eternity. As the costliest of the highly prized corundum mineral group, which includes sapphire, ruby engagement rings became a hot commodity among the wealthy.


Since then, this “Stone of Nobility” has appeared in modern-day royalty and celebrity proposals. Prince Andrew presented The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson with a trend-setting ruby engagement ring in 1986. Celebrities like Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry also declared their love with the romance of a ruby engagement ring.


Ruby is a statement-making fashion gem suited for courageous and passionate couples. Brides born in July can claim ruby as their birthstone. Those born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn also have ties to this “King of Gems.” Whether you’re choosing ruby as a sign of romantic love or to represent you or your partner, a ruby engagement ring is sure to turn heads.

CR6636WRU - $3,666.00

This 14K white gold Chatham lab-grown square ruby engagement ring riffs off Art Deco fashion for a vintage look. Bright diamonds frame the ruby and extend their shine down the shank of the ring.

The Emerald Engagement Ring

The gem of Venus, the ancient Roman goddess of love and beauty, emerald is a stunning gem to signify unity, balance and everlasting love in an engagement ring. Emerald is said to ensure loyalty, security and “domestic bliss” for married couples. The gem’s symbolic and spiritual meaning of growth, life and success has dubbed it “The Stone of Successful Love.”


Emeralds are the gems of goddesses. The ancient Egyptians believed emeralds were sacred symbols of fertility and immortality. For this reason, Cleopatra showed off her wealth and power with the lavish use of these beauties. Strong, beautiful and stylish women have relied on emeralds to shine in the spotlight, including Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie and Beyoncé. It’s a timelessly fashionable gem that will unleash the goddess in any bride.


Not only are emeralds fit for the runway, but they have a profound romantic history as an engagement ring stone. King Edward VIII proposed to American socialite Wallis Simpson with a massive 19.77-carat emerald and abdicated the throne to marry her. John F. Kennedy gave First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy a stunning Art Deco emerald engagement ring. This trend-setting ring influenced more brides to choose this jewel. More recently, Halle Berry flaunted her gorgeous emerald engagement ring in 2012.


Carrying the color of spring, emerald is also the May birthstone. For spiritual brides, emerald is the zodiac gem for Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. Women with connections to these months often choose emerald as a timeless symbol of their love. The environmentally conscious bride will also appreciate emerald as a symbol of nature along with its lush romantic history.

CR6647WEM - $3,879.00

This 14K white gold Chatham lab-grown emerald engagement ring is worthy of the goddess in your life. The intricate Edwardian-inspired diamond filigree and pavé diamonds on the band accentuates the center emerald.

The Alexandrite Engagement Ring

For the adventurous couple with an extraordinary love story, there’s nothing quite like the magic of an alexandrite engagement ring. Alexandrite is the ultimate color-change gem that turns blueish green in sunlight or purplish red in incandescent light.


The mined gem is incredibly rare resulting in its extravagant cost. This also means very few couples ever had the chance to set it in their engagement ring. Chatham is excited to make this phenomenal gem more accessible for brides who have always wanted an alexandrite engagement ring.


Chatham lab-grown alexandrite takes months to grow and is the exact same physical, chemical and gemological makeup as the mined gem. Since they’re grown from an earth-mined seed of a Russian alexandrite, they are very close to the Russian ideal. Russian emerald miners didn’t realize that they had made a new gem discovery in 1830. Not until they saw the gem change color by the glow of the fire.


Alexandrite is for the fashion forward bride who wants a ring as exciting as their love story. It’s a symbol of change, adventure and creativity. Alexandrite is also the June birthstone and astral gem for Gemini and Aries. It’s a wonderful representation of a bride or partner born in these months. The rarity and mystery of alexandrite’s color-change phenomenon expresses the miracle of your one-in-a-million love story.

CR8254WAL - $2,829.00

This chic Chatham lab-grown Alexandrite engagement ring in our exclusive onion cut makes a rare gem even more extraordinary. Diamonds emphasize the one-of-a-kind shape and add gorgeous detail and sparkle.

The Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

If a bride feels prettiest in pink, she will fall in love with her pink sapphire engagement ring. Pink sapphires are symbols of trust, loyalty and sincerity. They add even more romance to the most romantic piece of jewelry she will ever own. Considered the stone of the heart, pink sapphires are lovely alternatives to the pricey pink diamond for engagement rings.


Throughout history, pink sapphires have symbolized love with their stunning range of shades from pastel to hot pink. In Asian lore, they are sometimes compared to the sacred lotus flower as an emblem of beauty, wisdom and purity.


Today, more and more brides are discovering the beauty of pink sapphire. Celebrities like Lady Gaga are pulling off fabulous pink gemstone engagement rings. Pink sapphire is also meaningful as the September birthstone and zodiac gem for Taurus. Not only is it full of feminine elegance, but it’s the perfect expression of a wise and compassionate bride.

CR9799WPS - $2,619.00

This 14K white gold Chatham lab-grown pink sapphire engagement ring is cut in a flattering oval for an ultra-feminine look. The halo of diamonds that flows into the shank enhances the ring’s sparkle and glamour.

The Padparadscha Engagement Ring

The color of a dazzling sunset, padparadscha is excellent for setting the romantic tone of your engagement ring. Derived from the Sinhalese word for “lotus blossom,” padparadscha carries the flower’s ethereal color and meaning of peace and enlightenment. True padparadscha is one of the rarest gems on Earth making a truly unique engagement ring.


Padparadscha matches the orangey pink hue of the lotus blossom, a symbol of beauty and resilience since it blooms from murky waters. This sacred flower represents enlightenment and rebirth for the ancient Egyptians and Buddhists. Hindus associate lotus blossoms with purity, prosperity, fertility and eternity. All meaningful qualities for a couple devoted to spending the rest of their lives together.


The only sapphire other than ruby to be given the honor of its own distinctive name, padparadscha has been deemed fit for royalty. The Royal Family announced Princess Eugenie’s engagement in 2018 featuring a padparadscha engagement ring. It was set in a similar fashion to her mother’s ruby engagement ring. Every bride feels like royalty with a padparadscha on her finger.


Padparadscha is the birthstone for brides and their partners born in September. It also holds special meaning for those born under the Taurus zodiac sign. This exotic gem makes a unique and fashionable engagement ring that says she is resilient and pure of heart.

CR8248WPD - $2,940.00

This Chatham lab-grown padparadscha is cut in our exclusive onion shape for an original and eye-catching engagement ring. Extravagant diamond details enhance the unique onion cut and make this 14K white gold ring an unforgettable memento of your rare love story.

The Aqua Blue Spinel Engagement Ring

Aqua blue spinel flatters any bride with its refreshing blue hue of a clear sky or the Caribbean Sea. It compliments warm and cool colors making it a beautiful engagement ring you can wear confidently with any outfit. Chatham lab-grown aqua blue spinels have excellent clarity and lovely blue hues that rival the better-known aquamarine gemstone.


For those marrying their best friends, aqua blue spinel is a symbol of your trusting, harmonious and pure love. This color of spinel is nearly impossible to find in nature, but Chatham grows beautiful aqua blue spinel with better hues than any found under the earth. This rare beauty is often mistaken for the more common aquamarine since they both have the peaceful blue of flowing water.


One of the most famous engagement rings with this aqua color was designed by Justin Timberlake for his bride, Jessica Biel. A gem of royalty, aquamarine was a favorite gemstone of Queen Elizabeth II, gracing one of her largest tiaras. Her matching necklace and earrings were given to her by the Brazilian president as a coronation gift. Prince Harry continued the tradition of giving his bride an aqua blue gem when he gave his mother’s aquamarine ring to Meghan Markle on their wedding day.


A stunning aqua blue spinel engagement ring is an exquisite “something blue” for the wedding day. As the August birthstone, it’s a beautiful representation of a bride or her groom. Aqua blue spinel looks just as pretty set in white, yellow or rose gold as an expression of a peaceful and free-spirited bride.

CR11892WAQ - $2,736.00

Diamonds dance around this sparkling oval Chatham lab-grown aqua blue spinel like sun reflecting off tropical waters. This 14K white gold engagement ring’s delicate design and long shape looks flattering on any bride’s third finger.

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