Introducing 2024 Jewelry Trends

Step into the dazzling world of 2024 jewelry trends. Here, you’ll find ultra-femme, edgy and opulent aesthetics. Plus, a resurgence of color brings a welcome change to the neutral backdrop of years past.

The traditional takes a contemporary twist in 2024. In other words, timeless elegance meets bold statements. For example, cuffs and classic symbols return with whimsical twists. A focus on quality craftsmanship, on top of this, continues to gain popularity.

In short, jewelry trends showcase a blend of traditional elegance and modern sustainability. As such, lab grown gemstones take the spotlight. This is due to lab grown gemstones having less impact on the environment than mined gems.

2024 Fashion with Chatham Lab Grown Jewelry

Since Chatham released over 185 new lab grown jewelry designs in 2023, we are redefining glamour for 2024. Not only did we release the Legacy Collection, but it debuted at NYFW alongside Kevan Hall’s SS24 Collection. Plus, the high quality of our lab grown gemstones helps us cut Chatham exclusive shapes for cutting-edge designs.

But we don’t just stop at responsibly growing gems. Since we care deeply about the planet, we also plant a tree for every jewelry piece sold. This is just one of the ways we give back to nature.

Overall, 2024 combines ethical choices with enduring style. So let’s explore the newest styles that embody modern luxury. In this article, we’ll unravel this year’s hottest jewelry trends.

NYFW models wearing Chatham lab grown jewelry
Lab grown champagne sapphire gems in various shapes

2024 Color of the Year

with Lab Grown Champagne Sapphire

For our first 2024 jewelry trend, there’s no better pop of color than the elegance of color gemstones. Thanks to our lab grown technology, you can wear Pantone’s Color of the Year as everyday elegance. Specifically, this Peach Fuzz color sparkles beautifully in our peachy shade of lab grown champagne sapphire.

Pantone describes it in more detail as “poetic and romantic, a clean peach tone with a vintage vibe.” They continue, saying that “PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz reflects the past yet has been refashioned with a contemporary ambiance.” Likewise, champagne sapphire has long been a symbol of purity and hope.

Today, this gemstone resonates with modern women through the beauty of lab grown champagne sapphire. For instance, our Champagne Sapphire Collection showcases this flattering pastel gem. While you’ll find some designs in white gold, we think champagne sapphire looks particularly lovely in rose gold.

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Lab Grown Champagne Sapphire Pendant in 14K rose gold with Chatham lab grown diamond accents - CP3907RCS-LG
Chatham lab grown round champagne sapphire earrings set in 14K rose gold with Chatham lab grown diamond accents: CE4243RCS
Lab Grown Champagne Sapphire Ring in 14K rose gold with Chatham lab grown diamond accents - CR12368RCS
Chatham lab grown antique cushion champagne sapphire pendant set in 14K rose gold with Chatham lab grown diamonds: CP4395RCS-LG

Spiritual 2024 Jewelry Trends

Zodiac Pendants

In the realm of 2024 jewelry trends, zodiac pendants emerge as celestial talismans. Furthermore, they connect wearers to the cosmos in a meaningful and personal way. These pendants, in particular, are uniquely crafted with lab grown diamonds and 14K white and yellow gold. Together, this design represent your zodiac constellation. Accordingly, they serve as powerful symbols of self-discovery and spiritual alignment.

For the spiritual modern woman, these zodiac pendants are more than mere accessories. Indeed, they are gateways to personal insights and cosmic energies. To this end, infuse the mystique of the stars into your style with our Celestial Collection. These zodiac pendants make a fashionable and spiritual statement in the light of 2024 jewelry trends.

Zodiac Pendants

Bold 2024 Jewelry Trends

Cuff Couture

Cuffs continue to gain popularity as the next 2024 jewelry trend. In fact, they emerge bolder than ever before. These versatile statements appropriately show a fusion of strength and sophistication. Even better, Chatham redefines the traditional wrist adornment with lab grown color gemstones and diamonds. In order to see these cuffs, visit Chatham’s Color Fashion and Diamond Fashion Collections. All in all, these lab grown fashion cuffs transcend the boundaries of conventional bracelets.

Cuffs are characterized by their broad and impactful designs at this time. They command attention for the same reason. With this in mind, Chatham’s Color Fashion Collection offers ornate cuffs in line with 2024 jewelry trends. What’s more, we also provide sleek and minimalistic styles as seen in our Diamond Fashion Collection. In summary, Chatham offers cuffs for a diverse range of tastes.

As one of the 2024 jewelry trends, cuffs especially embody the spirit of contemporary fashion. They can either be worn alone as a striking centerpiece or stacked for a dynamic effect. In either case, cuffs offer a canvas for self-expression and individuality within 2024 jewelry trends.

Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire Cuff in 14K white gold modeled at NYFW

Timeless 2024 Jewelry Trends

Don’t Watch the Clock

Another whimsical fashion has emerged in 2024 jewelry trends. Specifically, the runways highlighted clocks not as watches but in other clock-inspired designs. For such a time as this, Chatham’s Timeless Collection presents lab grown diamond clock pendants. After all, these 14K gold clock pendants represent a harmonious fusion of timeless elegance and cutting-edge technology.

Since modern fashionistas are prioritizing ethical and eco-friendly choices, lab grown diamonds are gaining popularity. This is due to their conflict-free origin and reduced environmental impact compared to mined diamonds.

Clock motifs add another layer of sophistication to lab grown diamond fashion. These pendants convey the everlasting nature of time coupled with the enduring beauty of lab grown diamonds. Therefore, Chatham’s Timeless Collection suits 2024 jewelry trends while also being ethically and environmentally responsible.

Tie a Bow on It

The next 2024 jewelry trend sees bows adorning everything from clothing to accessories. This trend evokes playful femininity while also adding a touch of whimsy.

In like fashion, Chatham’s Diamond Fashion Collection presents a lab grown diamond bow jewelry set. These pieces elevate 2024 jewelry trends with lab grown diamonds. While the diamonds are set in white gold, this pops against the rose gold ring band. 

Since bows timelessly represent femininity, this fashion trend reflects classic elegance with a modern twist. Our lab grown diamond bow jewelry set is, therefore, a must-have accessory for the style conscious.

matching lab grown diamond bow jewelry set in 14K gold

Sea-Inspired 2024 Jewelry Trends

Luxury Mermaid Core

Finally, dive into the enchanting world of luxury mermaid core. This last addition to 2024 jewelry trends matches our newest lab grown gemstones. Namely, lab grown Paraíba colored spinel and chrysoberyl. As pioneers of the lab grown gemstone trend, of course our new jewelry features oceanic aesthetics.

In fact, the lab grown Paraíba colored spinel line displays mesmerizing turquoise hues. Their beauty is compared to the finest earth-mined Paraíba tourmaline. Just as ethereal, Chatham lab grown chrysoberyl exhibits a seafoam green color. Both Paraíba colored spinel and chrsyoberyl offer a sea-inspired palette.

Even better, our new jewelry lines further enhance these lab grown gemstones. To this effect, the designs incorporate 14K yellow, white, or rose gold along with lab grown diamond accents. As a result, these fashion-forward designs capture the essence of mermaids and underwater fantasies in modern luxury.

These responsibly grown gems certainly help fashionistas keep up with 2024 jewelry trends. Not only that, but they also align with a conscientious approach to jewelry. Consequently, they’re making a splash in the realm of high-end fashion.


Lab-Grown Chrysoberyl Necklace, CN1463WCH , modeled at NYFW

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Chatham lab grown flame-cut Paraíba colored spinel earrings in 14K rose gold - CE4885RPA
Flame-cut Chatham lab grown Paraiba colored spinel pendant set in 14K rose gold with lab grown diamond accents - CP5397RPA
Chatham lab-grown chrysoberyl earrings - CE4898WCH
Chatham lab grown pear-cut chrysoberyl ring  set in 14K yellow gold with lab grown diamonds - CR14981YCH

Explore 2024 Jewelry Trends

As shown above, 2024 jewelry trends favor vibrant color. For example, the Color of the Year displays a refreshing peach as seen in lab grown champagne sapphire.

Today, more fashionistas are embracing modern luxury with conscious jewelry choices. Chatham lab grown jewelry likewise empowers you with responsible luxury for your individual style. For instance, the 2024 jewelry trends of lab grown diamonds and spiritual jewelry combine in our zodiac pendants.

Since 2024 is a year where fashion meets conscience, lab grown gemstones are redefining wristwear in statement-making cuffs. In addition, clock and bow motifs add whimsical elegance to our Timeless and Diamond Fashion Collections.

Let your jewelry reflect your unique story as well as the wonders of the sea this year. To this end, the mermaid core trend finds oceanic hues in lab grown Paraíba colored spinel and chrysoberyl jewelry.

Overall, the 2024 jewelry trends encourage everyday elegance. With this in mind, Chatham lab grown jewelry offers the future of jewelry, here today. Make a statement with responsible luxury, one lab grown gem and one planted tree at a time.