Chatham Partners with Kevan Hall for NYFW

Chatham lab-grown color gemstone jewelry shines bright in collaboration with Fashion Designer Kevan Hall at New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

New York Fashion Week is the epitome of glamour, creativity and innovation in the fashion world. It’s a stage where designers and brands strive to showcase their unique visions, often pushing the boundaries of fashion and style.

In a remarkable collaboration, Chatham joined forces with renowned fashion designer Kevan Hall for New York Fashion Week. This groundbreaking partnership brought a fusion of sustainable luxury and exquisite design to the runway. Taking the fashion world by storm, the resulting designs captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

For NYFW, Chatham designed the new “Legacy Collection” to pair with Kevan Hall’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection titled “Côte D’Azur.” Pictured here, Kevan Hall poses with Chatham VP and Jewelry Designer Mônica McDaniel and Chatham Owner Harry Stubbert at New York Fashion Week.

Fashion Designer Kevan Hall, Chatham VP and Jewelry Designer Mônica McDaniel and Chatham Owner Harry Stubbert at New York Fashion Week

Introducing The Legacy Collection

An Upper End Lab-Grown Color & Diamond Fashion Jewelry Line for NYFW

Aligning with Kevan Hall’s vision of Deauville to Cannes circa 1930s, Chatham designed an upper end line of jewelry in 18K gold. The collection takes the wearer from a daytime luxury resort look to the evening red carpet.

Kevan Hall’s fabric swatches served as the inspiration for Chatham’s new line. These styles include a myriad of cool colors that transport you to the Mediterranean Sea. For example, lab-grown Paraíba-colored spinel showcases an electrifying teal color resembling the Brazilian beaches of its namesake. Another featured gemstone, Chatham lab-grown chrysoberyl, displays a bright sea-foam green that pops in both yellow and white gold. Seaside resort looks also include Chatham lab-grown aqua blue spinel, emerald, and sapphire in a variety of shapes and sizes.

To enhance the designs even further, Chatham incorporated fancy shaped lab-grown diamonds for the first time. Select styles feature a mosaic of these sparkling beauties in tapered baguettes, marquise, princess and emerald cuts.

Each piece was meticulously designed to highlight the natural beauty and radiance of Chatham’s lab-grown gemstones. Such gemstones range from the softness of a lab-grown champagne sapphire to the mesmerizing green of a lab-grown emerald. These lab-grown gems added another element of sophistication and charm to Kevan Hall’s creations.

NYFW model wearing Chatham Lab-Grown Champagne Sapphire Necklace
Chatham Lab-Grown Champagne Sapphire Pendant

New York Fashion Week Shows the Future of High Fashion

The NYFW runway show wasn’t just about showcasing stunning jewelry; it was also about setting a new standard for fashion collaborations. It demonstrated that lab-grown gemstones and diamonds can be seamlessly integrated into high fashion without compromising on quality or style. New York Fashion Week 2023 marked a pivotal moment in the industry’s shift towards inclusivity by presenting all options to today’s luxury buyer.

In a world where consumer choices are increasingly influenced by ethical considerations, this collaboration showcased a path forward for the fashion industry. Chatham and Kevan Hall have not only created collections that dazzle the eyes but also touch the hearts of those who believe in a more sustainable and beautiful future for the luxury industry.

NYFW model wearing Chatham Lab-Grown Chrysoberyl Necklace
Chatham Lab Grown Chrysoberyl Necklace from the Color Fashion Collection 12.61 ctw, 14K white gold, lab-grown diamonds 3.54 ctw

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