We’re The Original – Over 100 Years in The Making

An American-born company, Carroll Chatham began growing emerald crystals in a San Francisco garage back in the 1930’s. What followed revolutionized the jewelry industry.

The Preferred Source Of Lab-Grown Gems & Jewelry

Chatham has been cultivating gemstones for a very long time. This rich history has yielded the most diverse collection of colors available in the industry. We’ve paired that with fashion forward, in demand jewelry styles.

The Best Retailer Benefits

When you carry the Chatham line you gain a true partner. We offer some of the most powerful benefits in the industry in an effort to help you sell more Chatham in your community.

Lab-Grown Gemstone Retailer Benefits

Discounts on Loose Stone Orders

Receive discounts on every future loose stone order you place with us while you maintain your display.

Access To Chatham Jewelry

Showcase exotic and unusual Chatham
designed cuts by purchasing a minimum of 5 jewelry pieces of your choosing.

Lifetime Warranty Certificate

Give your customers an official Chatham document guaranteeing their lab grown gemstones against chips or breaks for life.

Consumer Referrals

Become an Authorized Gemstone Retailer listed on our website and receive all consumer referrals in your local market.

Each Jewelry Sale Plants A Tree

Chatham pledges to plant a tree for every jewelry item sold. Your customers will know their purchase planted a tree.

Lab-Grown Jewelry Retailer Benefits

Sales Training

Words matter. That is why we train your staff to use the right terminology to sell lab-grown gemstones.

Co-Op Advertising

We contribute a percentage of your annual paid purchases to help fund your co-op advertising. Marketing materials available.

Product Analyst

We assign you your very own personal Product Analyst who has been trained to create the stongest sell thru for you.

Web Profit Sharing

Every effort is to drive traffic to your door. But if a consumer makes a purchase online, we share the profit with you.

Sales Rewards Program

To incentivize your sales team, we reward points for every Chatham sale they make. Points are redeemed for Chatham items.

Vertically Integrated

Chatham is a vertically integrated brand. We grow, cut, design and manufacture all of our products internally.

Certificate Of Authenticity

Our certificates create confidence and peace of mind. This document activates the lifetime warranty of the center stone.

Each Jewelry Sale Plants A Tree

Chatham pledges to plant a tree for every jewelry item sold. Your customers will know their purchase planted a tree.

Stock Balancing

We are so confident in the sell-through of Chatham product in your store that we offer 100% stock balancing.

Buy-Ins For Every Budget

Start with loose lab-grown gemstones or dive right into our extensive lines of lab-grown jewelry.
We have several options to get you started.

Lab-Grown Gemstones – The Standard – 11 Stone Display
The Standard – 3 Feet of Linear Space – 40PC Collection
The Premier – 5 Feet of Linear Space – 60PC Collection
The Ultimate – 6 Feet of Linear Space – 80PC Collection

Why Lab-Grown

Demand for lab-grown diamonds and gemstones is only increasing. Partner with Chatham and expand your market and consumer base offering the finest lab-grown products available.

As Below So Above

Growth is fragile both underground and in a laboratory. Outside barometric pressure effects growth inside a chamber and computer systems have to adjust accordingly. Any slight variance can disrupt the growth process. With regard to mined gems it truly is rare to mine clean gemstones out of the Earth because the planet does not remain stable for very long.

Only More Perfected

Color and clarity are typically superior in lab grown gemstones. Especially using methods that duplicate the conditions deep within the Earth. Consistency in color is another great benefit since the conditions in a laboratory are far more stable than in the Earth. This allows for less fracturing and impurities during the growth process.

Value To Your Customer

The real value in lab grown gemstones is that they can be produced in the rare qualities found in earth mined stones that command astronomical prices at auction without giving up anything in return. The advantage to the consumer is being able to buy the quality and beauty that made that mined gemstone so sought after in the first place.

Value To You

Understand that the lab grown category is not a substitute, it is an addition. As a jeweler, you are there to inform and create the options that best suit the customers criteria. Lab grown gemstones expand your market and consumer base. Don’t be afraid of offering a lower price option to meet the needs of a larger audience. Also let’s not assume that with a lower price, comes lower value and quality. In 80 years, Chatham lab-grown gemstones have never depreciated. On the contrary, the value has only gone up!

The Luxury Lab-Grown Brand

The most trusted name in lab grown, shaped by some of the most skilled cutters in the world.

A Cut Above The Rest

Chatham is known for our rich color and high clarity, but its our cutting quality that far surpasses that of any other lab grown product in the market. No matter which shape we cut, we have strict standards for proportions, faceting and polish that ensure that all our gemstones have maximum brilliance, high clarity, and vivid color. To meet these standards, about 80% of the rough crystal is lost. Saving extra weight is never a consideration.

Exclusive Chatham Cuts

After careful inspection of each crystal’s shape and depth of color, we decide which shape to cut. We cut traditional shapes and some innovative new ones like the onion cut and the flame cut that we’ve designed exclusively for our fine jewelry collection. These unusual shapes cannot be duplicated using mined gemstones as they do not have the high clarity Chatham offers.

Noteworthy Lab-Grown Projects

For precision cutting and crafting excellence in lab grown, the choice is Chatham. We stand for quality, reliability, and dependability in the jewelry industry. Chatham’s promise is simple, we bring you fine lab grown gemstone and jewelry at an exceptional value. Our designs are deliberate and distinctive, maximizing color, brilliance and beauty. Chatham is modern luxury.

Retailer Success Stories

Hear what Chatham retailers are saying about how Chatham is selling in their stores.

“We had a sales contest recently where we told the staff to pick anything from the store to sell and 8 out of 10 selected a Chatham piece.  That demonstrated to me how confident my sales team is at selling Chatham.”

Bradley Gough – Bradley Gough Diamonds – Fort, Wayne, IN

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