What is a Chatham lab grown emerald?

A Chatham lab grown emerald is the finest quality lab grown emerald possessing the same chemical, physical and optical properties as its mined counterpart. By duplicating the conditions deep within the earth – the temperature, pressure and chemical makeup, Chatham succeeds in growing emerald crystals inside a laboratory over a course of a year’s time. 

It all started from the crystal seed of the best mined emerald source on the planet: Colombia. Chatham lab grown emeralds exhibit a lush green hue and today produces only the highest in clarity. Its cutting standard is known to be one of the best in the industry adding to its superior grade. 

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What is the difference between a Chatham lab grown emerald and a lab grown emerald?

Quality! Chatham is recognized as the leading lab grown brand distinguished for its superior quality in color, clarity, and cutting. Not all lab grown gemstones are the same. About 80% of the rough crystal is lost in the cutting process to exclusively deliver maximum color and clarity every time.  

What do emeralds symbolize?

Emerald is the gemstone of growth and abundance. It is also known to be a healer of emotional imbalance. It has been linked to beauty and the secret to eternal youth as well as providing protection to travelers. 

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The color green is often times associated with nature and wealth. That’s where the idea of abundance comes from. It also stimulates balance in the brain and promotes mental and physical harmony.  

Is a Chatham lab grown emerald more durable than mined?

Since the conditions in a laboratory are controlled – think ice in your freezer – Chatham lab grown emeralds are formed with far less impurities and irregularities than one found in nature. As a result, Chatham lab grown emeralds exhibit little to no internal impurities (inclusions), therefore less prone to breakage. 

Can you wear a Chatham lab grown emerald every day?

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Yes! That is the beauty of Chatham; they can be worn worry-free every day. That is because Chatham lab grown emeralds come with a Lifetime Warranty protecting it from any chips or breaks caused under ordinary circumstances.

How can I tell if an emerald is lab created or lab grown?

Generally, most mined emeralds contain inclusions – internal characteristics formed during growth. It is rare to find eye clean emeralds mined from the earth, and when you do, they are quite valuable and demand extraordinarily high prices! 

Chatham lab grown emeralds have no visible inclusions but are priced far less than a similar quality mined emerald. This is one of the advantages of Chatham lab grown emeralds.

Typically, to determine if a gemstone is lab grown (or lab created) a trained gemologist will look for identifying characteristics under 10X magnification to determine its origin: laboratory versus underground.

Chatham has gemologists on site that will be able to identify a Chatham. Ask us about this service.

Are Chatham lab grown emeralds valuable?

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Yes! The richness in color, the pure clarity and the exceptional cutting all add up to great value. The jewelry industry recognizes Chatham lab grown emeralds as the number one choice for any custom design job that demands the quality while keeping the cost affordable. 

For more information about our process and the fascinating science behind lab grown diamonds, visit our Lab Grown Diamond Buying Guide.

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