Give her a Mother’s Day present she’ll cherish forever and even pass down to her children. With Mother’s Day coming up, Chatham lab-grown jewelry is the perfect personalized gift for every mom. Show her how well you know her by matching Chatham lab-grown colored stones and diamond jewelry to her unique style and personality. 

For the adventurous, fashion-forward mom . . . 

Mom deserves a present as unique and exciting as her adventurous spirit. Chatham features the hottest fashion gems of today in a wide variety of classic, modern and original cuts that are nearly impossible to find in earth-mined gems. Alexandrite’s rare color-change phenomenon from bluish green to purplish red as the sun goes down makes it an enchanting complement Mom will love to wear for any occasion. 

Ring: CR8252WAL $2,178.00, Pendant: CP2743WAL $1,746.00, Earrings: CE3080WAL $2,730.00

This chic white gold Chatham lab-grown alexandrite ring with matching earrings and pendant features our exclusive onion cut not seen anywhere else. A stream of dazzling diamonds accentuates the unique curve of the onion-cut alexandrite.

For the mom who is always there with everyday elegance . . .

Her family depends on her and she depends on practical jewelry. A busy mom wants something she can wear without worry, while still feeling stylish. Chatham lab-grown colored gemstones provides her with the peace of mind and effortless grace she deserves. All of our lab-grown colored gemstones are guaranteed for life in the event they break or chip under ordinary circumstances. Chatham is everyday elegance for every woman!

Earrings: CE4288WBS $1,995.00, Ring: CR12413WBS $1,422.00, Pendant: CP4385WBS $1,098.00

Featuring the gem of faithfulness, this pear-cut Chatham lab-grown blue sapphire pendant with earth-mined diamond accents is the epitome of everyday elegance. Pair the pendant with the matching earrings and ring for a night out or wear alone for a touch of sophistication.

For the wise mom with statement-making fashion . . .

Wisdom is celebrated as “more precious than rubies,” so a wise mom is worth it! Shower her with the gem historically worn by royalty and warriors alike. Chatham lab-grown ruby set in our bold and beautiful designs makes a powerful statement that will give her the confidence to be the warrior queen she is.

CE4609WRU $4,158.00, Ring: CR14303WRU $3,132.00, Pendant: CP4913WRU $2,763.00

These oval Chatham lab-grown ruby earrings surrounded with brilliant diamonds will turn heads with their modern yet timeless design. The perfect showstopper with the matching ring and pendant for red-carpet events or a signature flair for any outfit.

For the vivacious and environmentally conscious mom . . .

A mom who is full of life and takes care of the life around her will appreciate Chatham lab-grown gemstones and diamonds for Mother’s Day. Not only will she receive exquisite jewels that have less impact on the environment than earth-mined gems, but she will be thrilled to know that her Chatham gift planted a tree on her behalf. That’s right—for every product sold, we plant a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted.

Pendant: CP1784YEM $1,536.00, Ring: CR6659YEM $2,400.00

This yellow gold diamond ring and matching pendant are a beautiful representation of nature with a lush green baguette Chatham lab-grown emerald. Diamonds shining across the piece in graceful strands add an extra spray of sparkle.

For the spiritual and sophisticated mom . . .

Does your mom or wife read the daily horoscope? Is she fascinated by the beauty of the cosmos? Then she’ll love our Celestial Collection! Gift her a stunning diamond-studded sun or star inspired design or her zodiac constellation. There’s nothing like twinkling diamonds to make every star gazer’s wish come true this Mother’s Day.

Star Pendant: FDP4965Y $1,885.00, Big Dipper Pendant: FDP5031YW $1,383.00 30% off, Little Dipper Pendant: FDP5033YW $1,328.00 30% off

Mom will adore this artsy yellow gold diamond star pendant that reminds her of her child’s drawings. If you’re looking for something extra special, our Big Dipper and Little Dipper pendants are a sweet mother and child alternative.

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