As the door opens, you look up to see Charlotte entering your store. Then, you notice her usual elegant business attire and a chic magenta scarf. Without wasting a moment, you greet her and offer her assistance. Knowing her, Charlotte is looking for new lab-grown jewelry to refresh her wardrobe for the upcoming spring season. This presents a unique opportunity for you to showcase your newest and most colorful offerings.

What would catch her eye as she walks around your showcases? In this case, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of your inventory and your customer’s preferences. For example, what if she asked to see your new lab-grown jewelry? Taking her personal style into account, would you know what to show her?

In today’s world, the modern woman views fashion as a powerful outlet for self-expression and personal branding. In other words, fashion is not just about looking good, but also about making a statement to the world. Furthermore, women today are becoming more conscious of how their purchase decisions impact the environment. Equally important, they also value the quality of the products they buy. This is where Chatham’s new lab-grown jewelry comes in. Designed specifically for the 2023 fashionista, these pieces offer a unique blend of elegance, quality, and sustainability. From statement necklaces to bold earrings, these items express her personal style while also making a positive impact.

New Lab-Grown Jewelry from Chatham’s Color Fashion Collection

The Color Fashion Collection, Chatham’s most extensive jewelry collection, offers eight Chatham lab-grown gemstone options. The complimenting styles range from classic to contemporary in 14K white, yellow, and rose gold. But we don’t stop there—the collection continues to evolve ahead of fashion trends.

As the original architects of lab-grown gemstones, we’re meeting fashion demands with our new lab-grown jewelry designs. In today’s world, the popularity of lab-grown jewelry continues to rise. However, Carroll Chatham discovered how to grow emeralds in 1938—that’s more than 80 years ago!

In summary, we don’t follow trends; we invent them. 

Join us on the cutting edge of fashion with our high-end line of new lab-grown jewelry. Not only are we pushing the boundaries of luxury fashion, but we’re also maintaining Chatham’s renowned quality and craftsmanship.

In more detail, these new designs feature the highest quality lab-grown color gemstones in 14K white, yellow, and rose gold. In addition, they offer Chatham-exclusive gemstone cuts you can’t find anywhere else. These exclusive cuts are only possible with Chatham’s lab-grown technology and our skilled team of master cutters. With styles ranging from maximalist to minimalist, there’s a luxury lab-grown jewelry piece for every modern woman.

Accordingly, Chatham’s new lab-grown jewelry offers everyday elegance the modern woman craves. Just as she wants to refresh her wardrobe, it may be time to update your showcases with today’s fashion.

As a result, the modern fashionista will likely become a reliable repeat customer. If you offer her luxury jewelry to match her personal values and tastes, then she’ll trust you with future purchases. Taking this into account, discover how you can cater to every modern woman with Chatham’s exceptional quality, ethics, and design.

Sustainable lab grown gemstones fashion trends, SKU: CP4899YEM, Price: $2,085

Most Trusted Brand in Lab-Grown

Chatham is proud to be the pioneer of lab-grown gemstones. Since 1938, we have provided gemstones with the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined ones. We achieve this by recreating the conditions in which crystals grow naturally. However, we do not “make” gems. Rather, we grow gemstones in a lab instead of under the earth. But that’s the only difference—where they are grown.

For more than 80 years, we have led the world in this explosive category. But we didn’t stop there. In addition to lab-grown gemstones, we also offer luxury lab-grown jewelry of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. After all, who better to trust with your lab-grown jewelry than the original architects themselves?

In line with this premise, all Chatham lab-grown jewelry adheres to our highest standards. Additionally, each piece comes with a Chatham Certificate of Authenticity to present to your customers. Our color gemstones are also covered under our Lifetime Warranty. This warranty applies should your customer’s color gemstone ever chip or break under ordinary circumstances. In these cases, Chatham will gladly repair or replace the stone at our option. This ensures your customers can confidently wear their Chatham jewelry as everyday elegance.

Once more, Chatham lab-grown jewelry provides your customers with unique, elegant pieces to match their values and fashion sense.

Everyday Elegance Featuring Lab-Grown Diamonds & Gemstones

Show You Understand Her Values

Equally important to quality, it’s worth noting that the modern woman considers how her purchase affects the environment. As a result, she prefers eco-friendly options whenever possible. While no product has zero environmental impact, lab-grown gemstones are an eco-friendly product for many reasons.

One of the benefits of lab-grown gemstones is they have less impact on the environment compared to mined gems. To be specific, lab-grown gemstones don’t require moving large amounts of earth like mining. There’s also no chance of drinking water pollution. Additionally, the carbon footprint of growing gems is much smaller than gemstone mining. In fact, Chatham’s carbon footprint in dollars is only about 5 cents per carat.

But we don’t just stop at sustainably growing gems. Moreover, Chatham has a long history of supporting environmental preservation, education, and gemological research as well. One of the ways we give back is by partnering with One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to global reforestation. With their help, we plant a tree for every jewelry piece sold. This not only helps the environment but also makes your customers feel good about their purchase.

Again, when you carry Chatham as a lab-grown jewelry option, you present the best in luxury lab-grown jewelry. What’s more, our jewelry also aligns with the modern woman’s values. But there’s one thing that reigns supreme to her—design. To address this, we are excited to introduce new lab-grown jewelry designs from Chatham’s Color Fashion Collection.

Image of new Emerald Earrings, CE4827WEM, for $2,946.00. This product plants a tree.

New Lab-Grown Jewelry for the Edgy Fashionista

If you’ve seen today’s fashion runways, then you know luxury doesn’t have to be tame. In accordance with this, Chatham’s new lab-grown jewelry offers not only elegance but also a unique sense of style. More specifically, our statement pieces are perfect for the modern fashionista who isn’t afraid to stand out. In fact, she’s looking for that piece unlike any other she’s ever seen. If this is the case, then her search for something different and daring is finally over.

Indeed, our innovative designs can’t be found anywhere else. We achieve these unique designs with Chatham-exclusive gemstone cuts such as the onion and flame cuts. Moreover, we understand the importance of personal style to the modern woman. Therefore, our jewelry is designed to complement and enhance individuality. When you recommend Chatham’s new lab-grown jewelry, she’ll be excited to have finally found a jeweler who understands her.

Image of new ruby earrings, CE4832YRU, listed as $2,658.00

New Lab-Grown Jewelry: Ruby Earrings

First up, these statement-making earrings deliver luxury with some edge. Moreover, they add extra spice to the yellow gold fashion trend. The lab-grown ruby in Chatham’s exclusive elongated baguette cut certainly sets this piece apart from any other. Ruby also represents power and courage. As a result, it was historically worn by warriors and queens. Touches of lab-grown diamonds finish this sleek modern design. Overall, it’s the perfect expression of her inner confidence and strength.

Ring: CR14589YRU $1,458.00.<br />
Pendant: CP5163YRU $1,095.00.

Matching Lab-Grown Ruby Ring and Pendant

After she chooses her stand-out earrings, suggest pairing them with daintier Chatham lab-grown jewelry to complete the look. For example, take this 14K yellow gold lab-grown ruby ring, CR14589YRU, and matching pendant, CP5163YRU. They compliment the edgy ruby earrings with their more minimalist design. However, they still bring in the length of the earrings with the Chatham-exclusive elongated baguette cut.

Alexandrite Earrings: CE4825WAL $2,814.00

New Lab-Grown Jewelry: Alexandrite Earrings

Next on the list, these new edgy earrings feature one of our most popular gemstones—lab-grown alexandrite. As a symbol of change and adventure, alexandrite is also known as the famous color-changing gem. This is due to how it changes color from teal in fluorescent light to a reddish purple in incandescent light. Since Russian earth-mined alexandrites are not mined today, Chatham lab-grown technology has enabled rare alexandrite to make a fashion comeback.

Building upon this trend, these earrings incorporate whimsical spirals of lab-grown diamonds to accentuate the graceful curve of the ear. As seen in their design above, they distinctively combine the new ear climbers trend with an extended drop earring. Continuing with its curves, the drop earrings lead down to the pear shape of the lab-grown alexandrite. For the adventurer who isn’t afraid to add excitement to her wardrobe, these earrings express her creative and spontaneous spirit.

Pendant: CP5278WAL $2,058.00.<br />
Ring: CR14853WAL $2,220.00.

New Matching Alexandrite Pendant and Ring

To complete her elegant ensemble, pair the earrings with this alexandrite pendant, CP5278WAL, and matching ring, CR14853WAL. These 14K white gold pieces match the curving lab-grown diamonds and pear-cut alexandrite of the aforementioned earrings.

New Lab-Grown Jewelry for the Modern Woman Who Sparkles

Another fashion trend, maximalism, is taking the fashion world by storm and sparkle! With this in mind, Chatham’s new lab-grown jewelry designs incorporate pieces with extra lab-grown diamonds for a glamourous look. If you notice a fan of everything that sparkles, then these pieces will make her eyes light up. The following designs are for all the modern women who embrace that more is sometimes, well, more!

CR14861WBS $2,901.00

New Lab-Grown Jewelry: Blue Sapphire Ring

The first maximalist jewelry piece we’re highlighting is this 14K white gold ring. Its design sets lab-grown blue sapphire against rows upon rows of pavé lab-grown diamonds. With a chic curve to the ring’s design, she won’t be able to resist the luxurious sparkle. Besides that, the oval checkerboard lab-grown blue sapphire sparkles as well. Not to mention the gem’s mesmerizing color like the deep twilight of a starry night.

CR14837WEM $2,970.00

New Lab-Grown Jewelry: Emerald Ring

Another glamorous option, this 14K white gold ring features the lush green of lab-grown emerald. On top of this, a halo of lab-grown diamonds adds more sparkle. This effect continues in a chic chain design down the shaft of the ring. Emerald and diamond, which are both representations of wealth and power, come together for a piece that screams luxury.

New Lab-Grown Jewelry for the Colorful Woman with Rose Colored Glasses

Yet another fashionista tends to see the best in others and adds life and color to the world around them. When this modern woman enters your store, it’s like a breath of fresh air. She subscribes to today’s trends of bright color, including rose gold. Finally, there’s fashionable new lab-grown jewelry as lively as her. The colorful designs below fit right in with her playful yet elegant fashion.

CP5300RAQ $1,992.00

New Lab-Grown Jewelry: Aqua Blue Spinel Pendant

Lab-grown aqua blue spinel takes center stage in this 14K rose gold pendant. Combining the brightness of spinel with the popular color of aquamarine, lab-grown aqua blue spinel is a popular fashion gem. As seen in this pendant, the cool blue gem appears vivid against the warmth of rose gold. It’s no wonder why we’re featuring this lovely combination in our new styles. In particular, this first rose gold piece tilts the lab-grown aqua blue spinel on a rose-colored elongated oval. This backdrop gleams with lab-grown diamonds for an artsy and modern accessory.

CR14843RAQ $1,563.00

New Lab-Grown Jewelry: Aqua Blue Spinel Ring

For another exuberant girl who prefers the simple things in life, we have the perfect piece. This 14K rose gold ring lets bright lab-grown aqua blue spinel do the talking. Similar to the preceding pendant, the refreshing blue color recalls spring rain and summer beaches when paired with rose gold. Adding a subtle touch of sparkle, lab-grown diamonds wrap around the gem’s culet. In summary, this minimalist design will liven up her wardrobe to match her personality.

More New Lab-Grown Jewelry for Every Modern Woman

The new lab-grown jewelry designs highlighted above are only a small taste of the unique styles Chatham recently released. In addition to these daring, maximalist and colorful designs, there’s even more new lab-grown jewelry styles for every modern woman. Check out our Color Fashion Collection to see new lab-grown jewelry inspired by nature, minimalist trends and much more.

With over 100 new styles, you can select the new lab-grown jewelry designs that will wow your customers. Watch their faces light up when they witness the exciting designs only possible with Chatham lab-grown technology and craftsmanship. Just in time for the spring fashion season, refresh your showroom with these new lab-grown jewelry designs. To get started, ask a Chatham representative about our jewelry programs today.

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