Did you know the world’s most famous blue gem grows in other colors too? Chatham’s world famous laboratories allow us to offer our customers five of them: champagne, pink, yellow, white (colorless) and padparadscha, our peachy-pink sapphire.

September babies are fortunate to have such a colorful array of options when it comes to their birthstone.

Initial Pendants

If you’re shopping for yourself or a September-born loved one, consider a pendant from our Initials Collection. These are no ordinary initial designs; they are stylized for individuality and self-expression. Simply select your letter and set it with one of the sapphire colors that speaks to you the most. Set in sterling silver, this collection starts at $425 retail.

Sapphire options include: lab-grown blue sapphire, lab-grown champagne sapphire, lab-grown pink sapphire, lab-grown padparadscha, lab-grown yellow sapphire, and lab-grown tsavorite-colored sapphire (only offered through the Initials Collection).

Lab-grown Padparadscha Pendant and Ring Set

Padparadscha is the only other corundum that has it’s own name, aside from ruby. All others are a variety of sapphire, distinguished by it’s color. Chatham lab-grown padparadscha displays a striking peachy pink color, vividly saturated and eye clean. This 14K white gold pendant and earring set features a lab-grown padparadscha in one of our exclusive cuts, the century. Simple yet elegant!

Lab-grown Pink Sapphire Pendant

Chatham grows pink sapphire in 3 shades: light, medium and dark. For our line of fine jewelry, we hand pick the medium tone which exhibits an intense bubble gum pink. This 9×7 oval lab-grown pink sapphire pendant is flanked gracefully by two rows of diamonds. Its small scale is perfect for layering with other pendants or can be worn alone.

Lab-Grown Champagne Sapphire Earrings

Our latest gemstone growth is Chatham champagne sapphire, reminiscent of the pastel-colored morganite but with greater color intensity and the hardness of corundum. These lab-grown champagne sapphire earrings have just enough panache to give them a second look. Cut with a checkerboard pattern, these elongated oval earrings can be worn during the day and transition into the night effortlessly.

Lab-grown Blue Sapphire Pendant and Ring Set

We could not complete this list without mentioning our most coveted sapphire. Chatham’s lab-grown blue sapphire exhibits the magnificent sought after Ceylon color. Our bestselling stone to date, lab-grown blue sapphire enhances a design with it’s noteworthy beauty. This flame cut pendant and ring set is the epitome of refined brilliance.

Visit one of our retail partners to see these styles in person or shop our online store.  Every piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Lifetime Warranty guarantee for that extra peace of mind.