Imagine the ability to virtually explore and connect with vendors on a sophisticated level. A place where connection is backed by a multimedia experience unlike any other. The masterminds at Plumb Club have turned this concept into reality with the help from tech developers, Punchmark and Media Lab. Plumb Club member showrooms can be accessed now through 

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Combined with Boss Logic’s ‘together’ platform, retailers can enjoy a personalized sales experience catered to their needs. Plumb Club’s key focus is to maintain a solid connection between members and retailers during the full 365-day journey around the sun.

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The future of business is virtual. To stay relevant and continue conducting business and building relationships throughout the course of the year, we must adapt to change. This means, creating an interactive environment suitable for business while developing partner relationships. 

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Retailers have access to Plumb Club member showrooms at their convenience, on their time, without any obligation. Showroom exploration is encouraged and guided by interactive flashing buttons for a closer look and to learn more about the brand. Select buttons take the user to member microsites, where they can browse product, learn more about the company and sort through media. Retailers inclined to further their experience can request a virtual face-to-face sales appointment. 

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The next phase of this revolutionary virtual space will be the resource center set to roll out in Q3. This will be the information hub for anything, and everything related to the jewelry industry.

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