Less than 12 months after the first post-Covid JCK Show, we find ourselves back inside The Venetian Expo’s walls in Las Vegas. The excitement to buy has remained steady with retailers enthusiastic and ready for new merchandise. Talk of inflation or rising interest rates and prices were not heard inside these walls.


On the contrary, the energy inside our Chatham booth located in the Plumb Club Pavilion was upbeat and optimistic. Retailers kept us on our feet as we took them on a colorful journey through our museum-style cases.

Rainbow Bright

Our colorful array of gems at our Loose Stone Display station seems like it was taken straight out of Katy Perry’s vibrant “Play” performance at the World Resort. A kaleidoscope of lab-grown gemstones lay beautifully encased inside individual pedestals for the consumer to consider for their custom designs. Three size options were offered: the Basic, the Standard and the Ultimate. Undoubtedly, the latter was the most admired as it showcases the entire breadth of gemstones we grow—including the new Paraiba Colored Spinel and Chrysoberyl. What’s more, it includes the different shades we offer in our pleochroic gems.


Retailers quickly realized that this is the ideal way to introduce the brand into their store. By carrying any one of the three displays, retailers also have the unique opportunity to bring in as little as five pieces of jewelry (of their choosing) to slowly introduce the lab grown option to their customer base.

Eternal Flame Collection: RE12696W10AC - $2,532.00, RE12668W10R - $2,841.00, RE12645W10R - $3,588.00. Mounting only. Center stones quoted separately

Cocktails & Jewelry

To celebrate JCK’s 30th Anniversary, Plumb Club hosted a cocktail hour Saturday evening. As expected, retailers gathered around to enjoy lively conversation while perusing the booths. This gave us some valuable insight into why Chatham was such a big draw during the show—with the lab grown diamond movement making waves, retailers want to work with the best in the business! Chatham’s history and impressive product mix distinguishes us from competitors. In fact, no one provides the industry with what we have to offer: a vertically integrated brand covering the entire lab grown category in color, diamond and jewelry.

Chatham JCK booth

Inventory Remix

Chatham gave a sneak peek into the next Color Fashion Collection by introducing 10 new designs. Much like JCK Rock’s Hamilton Remix, this collection is a harmonious blend of classic and edge. A true extension of our previous assortment, this collection features clean lines, soft curves and lots of yellow gold! Geometrics, dimension, and movement enhance the look and give each piece character and personality. Stay tuned for more designs coming this summer!

New Color Fashion Jewelry

 Giving Back

Buyers had the option to add a charitable donation towards Elephant Cooperation with their purchase. As a leader in sustainably produced, laboratory grown gemstones, Chatham is committed to transitioning the gemstone industry from controversial mining practices towards a more sustainable approach. Chatham’s support of Elephant Cooperation reflects a long-standing commitment to philanthropy. Chatham has been a supporter of higher education, research, history preservation and a partner of One Tree Planted, a non-profit dedicated to global reforestation.

Chatham strongly believes it is time for the industry to give back to a continent that has already given us so much. We are actively taking donations on behalf of the jewelry industry to present to Elephant Cooperation. Donations of $100 receive a sterling silver medallion to place inside the showcase beside the Chatham Collection to show consumers you give back to an important cause. If a retailer donates $150, the same silver medallion is set with a Chatham lab-grown emerald and $200 donations receive a silver medallion set with a lab grown diamond. Show your customers you do your part in supporting a continent that has granted the industry so much!

Giving Back to Africa - Chatham Supports Elephant Cooperation

Global Scale

The most promising outlook on the buying floor was the international acceptance and draw of the lab grown category. We saw badges from around the world: Turkey, Mexico, China, India, Argentina and Australia just to name a few. Chatham has always been a world leader in loose premium-quality lab grown gemstones but this time around, the interest was in the jewelry brand. After all, we are the most trusted luxury lab grown brand in the industry today.

CR8254WAL - $2,829.00

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