Meaningful Gifts for Her

Lights strung on houses and trees, family gathering for a homemade feast and don’t forget the presents! There’s so much to look forward to this holiday season. But it’s not all about receiving; it’s also a season of giving. With the busyness of the holidays comes the stress of picking the perfect gift for all the women in your life. You want to communicate how much she means to you, but what do you get the modern woman who has everything? The answer is lab grown jewelry.

If there’s one gift women never get tired of receiving, it’s fine jewelry. But purchasing diamonds and jewels as presents often comes with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, Chatham lab grown jewelry is a more affordable gift option with all the beauty of the finest mined gems.

Why give Chatham lab grown jewelry? 

Chatham lab grown jewelry offers lab grown gemstones with the same physical, chemical and optical properties as earth-mined gems. We don’t “make” gems. We carefully control the environment so that crystals grow naturally, as they would in the earth. But like how ice from your freezer is cleaner than ice from nature, Chatham grows crystals with the brilliant color and clarity seen in only the finest earth-mined gems.

To cut this high-quality crystal, Chatham’s team of master gem cutters study each crystal’s shape and internal inclusions before deciding which shape to cut. They cut traditional shapes along with innovative new ones like the onion cut and flame cut designed exclusively for the Chatham fine jewelry collection.

Another benefit of lab grown gemstones: they have less impact on the environment than earth-mined gemstones. Plus, Chatham partners with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every piece of jewelry sold. She’ll feel good about wearing her jewelry knowing it was sustainably sourced and a tree was planted on her behalf.

 Every woman deserves a holiday gift that fits her personal style. That’s why Chatham has styles ranging from classic to contemporary and completely original. By harnessing the power of science, we offer a kaleidoscope of lab grown gemstones to reflect her personality and communicate your heartfelt sentiments. With Chatham fine jewelry, you’re sure to find that special piece that makes her feel loved this holiday season.

The gift for the earth-lover who is full of life

Tis the season for emerald! Give her lab grown emerald jewelry as evergreen as your love for her. Emerald represents nature, growth and health. It reflects her vivacious spirit and her love of the great outdoors. If she has a May birthday, then emerald is her birthstone. Emerald also has spiritual meaning as the Zodiac gem for Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. Not to mention, it will look gorgeous with her holiday ensemble.

A Chatham lab grown emerald shows your favorite earth-lover you support her and her values. She’ll appreciate that her Chatham lab grown emerald is better for the environment than earth-mined emeralds. Since they’re grown in a laboratory, lab grown gems don’t require the removal of tons of earth. The carbon footprint of Chatham’s production energy in dollars is only about 5 cents per carat. Plus, she’ll love that Chatham planted a tree on her behalf with One Tree Planted.

We plant 1 tree for every piece sold thanks to One Tree Planted. Emerald ring with SKU CR13120WEM costs $1,704.00


This lab grown emerald ring from Chatham’s Bar Collection features the Chatham-exclusive elongated baguette cut. The brilliant clarity and lush green of Chatham lab grown emeralds enable Chatham’s master gem cutters to cut this slim shape. Diamonds curve over the lab grown emerald bar in this chic design. She’ll be so excited to wear her lab grown emerald ring to the holiday festivities and all year round.

The gift for the courageous and wise winter warrior

Does she share Santa’s favorite color? Chatham lab grown ruby jewelry displays a rich red that will compliment her outfit for the holiday party. The classic red is a fashion staple any modern woman would love to add to their wardrobe all year long.

The color of passion and power, rubies have been worn by royalty and warriors alike throughout history. Let her know you appreciate her leadership qualities and fiery spirit with Chatham lab grown ruby jewelry. Chatham lab grown ruby is an excellent gift for those born in July as their birthstone. Ruby is also considered the most powerful gem in the universe. Therefore, it’s associated with many astral signs including Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn.

14K yellow gold earrings with pear Chatham lab-grown ruby center stone and Chatham lab-grown diamond halo costs $3,675.00


Bring the fiery warmth in your hearth to her fashion by giving her Chatham lab grown ruby earrings. Set in yellow gold with a diamond halo around the pear-cut gemstone, these chic earrings are the perfect accessory for the cold winter months and year-round.

The gift for the dependable woman with inner and outer beauty

Is she the one getting the family together and cooking up a storm in the kitchen for a delicious feast? The gem of beauty, faithfulness and inner peace, blue sapphire is a lovely representation of a selfless and soulful modern woman. Express how much you appreciate all that she does and all she is by giving her Chatham lab grown blue sapphire jewelry.

The royal blue of Chatham lab grown blue sapphire is a classic and sophisticated color she can wear every day. It’s also the September birthstone and zodiac gem for Taurus, Virgo and Libra. With ties to romance and royalty, giving her Chatham lab grown blue sapphire will let her know you see her for the queen she is.

For all she does . . .<br />
Blue Sapphire Ring SKU: CR11776WBS<br />
Price: $2,430.00


This Chatham lab grown blue sapphire ring is as brilliant and beautiful as she is. The Chatham-exclusive onion cut gives the most popular sapphire a unique look. Lab grown diamonds accentuate the lab grown blue sapphire’s brilliance and chic curves. She’ll feel like a queen everyday with this lab grown blue sapphire ring.

The gift for the adventurer who is open to change

Does she have an inner voice calling her into the unknown? Then this modern-day ice queen would love Chatham lab grown Alexandrite jewelry for a holiday present! If she’s born in June or under the Gemini or Aries zodiac signs, then she has another special reason to wear Chatham lab-grown Alexandrite. The famous color-changing gem expresses her openness to change as it changes from teal in daylight to purplish red by the glow of the fire.

Known as the “Alexandrite effect,” this color-change phenomenon occurs due to the chromium in the chrysoberyl. It leaves two transmission windows open, one in the red part of the spectrum and one in the green. In light rich with red wavelengths, the gem takes on a reddish hue whereas it appears greener in bluer light. Going between the red and green holiday colors, this rare gem will make her holiday even more magical.

Magic of the Season<br />
Alexandrite Earrings<br />
SKU: CE4383WAL<br />
Price: $2,265.00


These 14K white gold lab grown Alexandrite earrings bring the magic of the season to her wardrobe with dramatic color change. Diamonds swirl down the Chatham-exclusive elongated baguette for luxurious sparkle. Only available in Chatham fine jewelry, the elongated baguette cut brings extraordinary color to the classic bar design. Wherever her adventures take her, she’ll be ready to dazzle with these lab grown Alexandrite earrings.

The gift for the classy fashionista

For the modern woman with impeccable style, Chatham lab grown diamond jewelry offers classic and glamorous fashion. Nothing sparkles like a diamond which is why it’s the world’s most loved gem. Fashion icons of every generation have worn diamonds to shine in the spotlight—from Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe to today’s Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Zendaya.

She’ll always be happy to receive more diamond jewelry for the holiday, but you don’t want to get her just another diamond pendant. For the girl who has everything, pick a jewelry gift like no other she’s ever seen. Chatham’s Diamond Fashion Collection features styles from classic to contemporary and completely original. Whether she’s just starting her diamond jewelry collection or she’s a connoisseur of diamond fashion, Chatham has the present that will make her eyes light up.

14K yellow gold lab-grown diamond pendant, SKU: FDP4929Y, cost: $2,295.00


She’ll shine bright with this lab grown diamond pendant for her holiday present. The warmth of the yellow gold makes it especially fashionable for the fall and winter fashion scene. Lab grown diamonds decorate one of the intertwining ovals orbiting the center diamond in this unique and artsy design. This lab grown diamond pendant makes an out-of-this-world gift for any modern woman.

The gift for the timeless woman who shares your favorite memories

The holidays are a time to make new memories and reflect fondly over the past years. Give her something to remind her of all the fun times and special moments shared. Not only that but give her a unique and elegant jewelry piece she can wear every day. One that matches her artsy and sophisticated sense of style. Chatham has the perfect gift that will warm her heart all year round.

Chatham’s Timeless Collection features a series of 14K gold designs with Chatham lab grown diamonds that embrace the relevance of time. This clock pendant collection beautifully expresses the sentiment: “From the moment I met you, time stood still.” Freeze those special moments in time with one of these original and beautifully crafted clock pendants this holiday.

SKU: FDP5094WY<br />
Cost: $1,365.00


Count down the minutes this New Year’s Eve in style with this Chatham Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Pendant. This two-tone 14K gold pendant makes those memorable times stand out, such as that New Year’s Eve kiss as the clock strikes twelve. A Chatham lab grown diamond accentuates the center of the clock and two parallel pillars of diamonds give the border extra sparkle. She’ll feel like Cinderella at the ball before the clock strikes midnight with this luxurious clock pendant.

The gift for the modern woman who shines as bright as a star

The light of your life deserves a glittery gift to magnify her special sparkle. Nothing shines quite like her, except perhaps a star. Stars light up the dark night sky like she lights up life’s darkest moments. Let her know how bright she shines with lab grown jewelry from Chatham’s Celestial Collection.

Those guiding lights sailors used to map their way are one of the most influential symbols of hope today. Each pendant in Chatham’s Celestial Collection gleams with high quality lab grown diamonds to evoke the luminosity of a star. This stellar collection includes Zodiac pendants with her constellation, a beautiful gift for the modern woman with a spiritual connection to the stars. Make her wish come true this holiday season with Chatham lab grown celestial jewelry.

SKU: FDP4964YW<br />
Cost: $2,163.00


This lab grown diamond star pendant twinkles like a star in the sky. A perfect complement for the stars in her eyes, lab grown diamonds line white gold rays that intersect around the center lab grown diamond. This two-tone pendant weaves together yellow and white gold for a breathtaking effect. She’ll love gazing at her unique and artsy lab grown diamond star pendant.

The gift for the unique personality who is loved for who she is

For the woman unlike any other, get her something thoughtful for the holiday that celebrates who she is. There’s nothing more personal than celebrating someone’s name. Chatham’s Initial Collection features stylized initial pendants for a tasteful present that’s as unique as she is.

This is not your typical initial. Each pendant is customizable with any of Chatham’s twelve lab grown gemstones. Pick her birthstone or her signature color to add a meaningful pop of color or opt for lab grown diamonds. Only available in Chatham fine jewelry, Chatham’s exclusive tapered elongated baguette cut makes this a truly original gift. This is also the only collection Chatham offers in sterling silver along with 14K yellow and white gold.

SKU: CP4635STAQ-D<br />
Price: $425.00


Diana, Delilah, Danielle, daring, dazzling, dedicated. Whatever the letter stands for, let her know all she means to you with this customizable initial pendant. This sterling silver pendant has unique lettering to match her individual style and personality. Chatham’s exclusive tapered elongated baguette cut brings the sky blue of aqua blue spinel to her initial. Lab grown diamonds decorate the delicate swirl of the fancy letter for a final sophisticated touch. She’ll be delighted to receive her very own initial pendant that represents her to a T.

Every modern woman deserves the everyday elegance that Chatham fine jewelry delivers. Chatham makes rare gemstones more accessible, so every modern woman can find the luxury jewelry of her dreams when she unwraps her gift. Better yet, she’ll appreciate that her gorgeous gemstones were grown in a lab instead of mined from the earth resulting in less impact on the environment.

Every modern woman is different. That’s why Chatham provides gift choices from classic to contemporary and completely original styles. Chatham’s kaleidoscope of lab grown color gemstones along with lab grown diamonds supply the backbone for every modern woman’s wardrobe. Whether she’s environmentally conscious, passionate, dependable, adventurous, classy, timeless, luminous or she defies categorization, Chatham has a meaningful gift designed just for her.

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