Let’s face it – holiday shopping can sometimes be overwhelming. Crowded parking lots. Never ending lines. Constantly refreshing your online tracking page. All the while, finding that perfect gift for every person on your list. Will they like it? Do they already have it? Will it fit?

Well this year, along with everything else, things are different. Our emotions, our priorities, and our ambitions have shifted in 2020. We have gained clarity about what truly matters. More importantly, we have gained clarity about who truly matters.

This holiday season give the ultimate gift of thoughtful expression. A meaningful gift, that expresses your gratitude, your friendship and your love. Chatham recognizes how important relationships are.
We design with you in mind and we believe that lab grown gems are the touchstones of life. Browse our collections to find that perfect gift for those that matter most.

Chatham Lab Grown Alexandrite Pendant

Anniversary Collection

Shopping for a teacher, a math whiz, a sports player? They’ll get a kick out of our Anniversary Collection celebrating the numbers in our lives. These original pendants ranging from 1 to 9 are surrounded by lab grown diamonds that can also be viewed as a zero in the background, instantly turning them into decades (10, 20, 30, and so forth). There are literally countless ways you can find significance in numbers. Celebrate the numbers in your life with our Anniversary Collection.


Chatham Lab Grown Padparadscha Earrings

Bar Collection

Chatham’s take on the classic bar pendant is as innovative as it is colorful. Featuring elongated baguettes in lab grown alexandrite, lab grown blue sapphire, lab grown emerald and lab grown ruby, these designs are classic with the right amount of edginess. Each style comes in a matching set: earrings, pendant and ring.

Chatham Lab Grown Ruby Ring

Celestial Collection

Stars are one of nature’s most treasured gifts. They symbolize a guiding light; they inspire hope and conjure magic. Stars are like diamonds in the sky, twinkling each night just for you. To celebrate nature’s gift to us, we designed the Celestial Collection. Remind your loved ones that even through tough times, the sun always rises. Our sunburst pendant in 14K yellow gold and lab grown diamonds instantly incites feelings of positivity and hope. Also available are zodiac constellations in all 12 zodiac signs. You can’t go wrong with any of the stellar pieces in this collection!

Chatham Lab Grown Diamond Pendant

Color Fashion Collection

Chatham’s assortment of lab grown colored gemstones are like a painter’s palette – a rainbow of colors to dip into! What’s more are the unique cuts we offer exclusively through our finished lab grown jewelry. For the romantic woman in your life, choose an onion cut; the only shape that brings a tear to her eye! For the fiery, passionate one, try a flame cut in a dynamic color like lab grown ruby or padparadscha. And for the traditionalist, consider the century cut in lab grown blue sapphire – this shape is our version of an old mine cut with a higher crown. Our Color Fashion Collection has something for everyone on your list!

Chatham Lab Grown Diamond Pendant

Diamond Fashion Collection

The ultimate sign of a well cut diamond is the mesmerizing combination of fire, brilliance and scintillation. The better the quality, the prettier they sparkle. Chatham’s Diamond Fashion Collection is exclusively set with superior quality lab grown diamonds. Find geometric shapes with fine lines or shop our softer styles like this 14K yellow gold pendant in a fluid design. Such a versatile assortment allows for limitless possibilities. For the hardest names to shop for on your list, this is your collection to browse!

Chatham Lab Grown Diamond Pendant

Eternal Flame Collection

2020 gave us many things, mostly things we’d prefer to forget 😉 but it did give us perspective on life! In some cases, this year inspired many to express their love and commitment to that special someone in their lives. If you find yourself in a similar situation, we have a collection of engagement rings that can help you express your true feelings. Become fluent in the language of gems and you’ll speak the language of love. Each ring can be customized to include the lab grown diamond or lab grown colored gemstone that describes your truest sentiments.

Chatham Lab Grown Diamond Pendant

Initials Collection

In every collection, you have classics that never go out of style. Initials would be one of them. Our stylized initial pendants are the perfect gift for any age. Offered in sterling silver and 12 lab grown options, these initial pendants will help you cross off a few names from your holiday list!

Chatham Lab Grown Diamond Pendant

Sticks & Stones Collection

Like its name, this collection packs quite a punch! For the vibrant personality in your life, these unique styles are a winner. Each design includes a stretched baguette finished off with one of many gemstone shapes for added allure. This is a great gift for someone who strives to be different and enjoys taking risks!

Chatham Lab Grown Diamond Pendant

Timesless Collection

If 2020 taught us anything, it taught us to celebrate each and every day. To capture this extraordinary year you have endured together with your loved ones, consider the gift of time. Our Timeless Collection is made up of 14K gold clock designs accentuated with premium lab grown diamonds. These styles remind us of when time stood still but we kept on going!

For any of these styles or something similar, please Book an Appointment or visit our Store Locator for a Chatham Authorized Retail Partner near you.