Chatham President, Harry Stubbert, once said: “Sell a woman diamonds, she’ll wear them with everything. Sell her colored gemstones and she’ll create a wardrobe.”

Well lucky for us, we offer diamonds and colored gemstones! Read on to discover the top basic Chatham items essential to have in your jewelry box.

Everyday Staples

How many fashion articles have you read about the top fashion must-haves? We’ve all read them countless times and we can’t deny the list includes: the little black dress, a white button-down shirt, a great black leather jacket, a pair of slim-fitting jeans and something in a cheetah print.

Likewise, in jewelry, there are several must-haves that will never go out of style: a diamond fashion set, a bar necklace, an initial pendant, something classic and a statement piece.

Twinkle, Twinkle

Whether the season calls for long sleeves or no sleeves, diamond fashion jewelry is the easiest to pair with every style. Adding sparkle to an ordinary look is a sure way of enhancing any outfit.  It’s also the perfect accessory to transition from daylight to night time flawlessly. Think of the diamond fashion set as your little black dress. You have to have one (or several)!

Chatham offers a series of looks in our Diamond Fashion Collection; several showstoppers covered in pave set diamond melee, some dimensional designs and finally, the trendy, minimalist wire look. The lab-grown diamonds used for this collection include only the best for the boosted scintillation, fire and brilliance – D E F / VVS lab-grown diamonds only.

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Raising the Bar

You can’t go wrong with a nice, crisp white button-down shirt. It exudes professional elegance and complements anything in your closet. Same goes for the bar necklace from our Bar Collection. Worn together with the white button-down blouse makes for a sharp look, whether you’re going to a job interview, a corporate meeting or getting a bite to eat.

Chatham has dedicated an entire collection towards this urban chic look. The Bar Collection ranges from timeless to contemporary styles offered in five varieties of Chatham lab-grown colored gemstones: AlexandriteBlue SapphireEmeraldRuby and Padparadscha.

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Personalize Your Style

Black leather jackets come in all shapes and sizes. Styles range from the biker, the blazer, the flight, or the bomber jacket. The one you chose says a lot about you and your fashion sense. It almost defines your style in a way. Dare I say, almost as defining as the initial pendant!

Initials also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Chatham chose a unique approach to this collection with an emphasis in design rather than the more typical block or script letter. As an added bonus, this collection is offered in 4 metal colors: sterling silver, 14K white, rose or yellow gold. Personalization is key in this collection. Build it to reflect your favorite color or birthstone type by selecting from eleven lab-grown colored gemstones or all lab-grown diamond accents. These initial pendants are nothing short of fabulous!

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Classic Mode

Open the Chatham vault and you’ll uncover styles from our very first collection that still work today. Our Chatham Lab-Grown Emerald halo set in the classic emerald cut, east/west position, continues to be one of the top selling items to this day.

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Chatham’s forte of classic with a twist, thrives in today’s market. Take our Chatham Lab-Grown Sapphire pendant in 14K white gold featuring our exclusive onion shape. This piece quickly became one of the hottest items in our line and continues to sell.

The Chatham Lab-Grown Blue Sapphire Collection

Much like the slim-fitting pair of jeans you can’t live without, Chatham’s classic designs will never go out of style.

Make A Statement

Whether you’re going for bold or bling, we’ve got you! Like the cheetah print, the statement piece sends a message about your individuality. It draws people in with its grandeur and self-expression. This is your go-to when you want to pop rather than blend in.

Chatham could fill a jewelry store with just our statement pieces alone. A misconception here is that a statement piece has to be large in size. Not true. The prerequisite that qualifies a statement piece is whether it triggers a reaction while making it the first thing people notice you wearing.

This could be the design itself; for instance, Chatham’s Sticks & Stones eye-catching collection would be an ideal choice. Its interesting silhouette and clever use of an elongated baguette will have you doing a double take.

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A bold, rich color in a unique shape is also an option. Any of our Chatham Lab-Grown Ruby flame-cut pieces make the grade. Paired with a red lip, and you’re set!

Chatham also designs a line of one-of-a-kind pieces – the Millennium Collection. These red carpet looks come with a high price tag but will stop anybody in their tracks.

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Check back with us for fashion tips on how to pair your Chatham jewelry with your outfits.
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