Chatham Love Story


There is nothing more romantic than the idea that your partner chose a stone based on its symbolism as a declaration of his love. Sure, a ring can be chosen for its design, the gemstone quality or your partner’s budget. The thought that the center stone was handpicked because it reflects the love you share, by far surpasses any other motivation.

Personalize Your Engagement Ring

Colored stones have increasingly gained momentum as the gemstone alternative to the diamond engagement ring. Chatham has designed a collection of engagement rings with six lab-grown gemstone varieties to choose from: AlexandriteDiamondEmeraldPink SapphireRuby and Sapphire.

The concept is to personalize your engagement ring with a gemstone that speaks to you. Show her your tender side by presenting her with a stone that tells your love story.

Become Fluent in the Language of Gems

Chatham dug through the shelves of our Research Laboratories Library to search for literature on color lore. We narrowed down our list of lab-grown gemstones to six and defined the symbolism for each.

From left: Chatham Alexandrite, Chatham Diamond, Chatham Emerald

Lab-Grown Alexandrite: Emerald by day, Ruby by night. Alexandrite’s unique ability to transform its color represents adventure and willingness for change. Present her an Alexandrite and show her your eagerness for the future together.

Lab-Grown Diamond: With their undeniable allure, Diamonds have long been synonymous with love. As the hardest mineral on Earth, this gem represents the unbreakable bond that ties two people together. To present her a Diamond, you are expressing your everlasting commitment to her.

Lab-Grown Emerald: As the color of growth and fertility, Emeralds symbolize balance in both life and love. Emeralds represent the roots of your bond that will forever flourish. Emerald’s rich green embraces change and transformation essential to love’s growth.

From left: Chatham Pink Sapphire, Chatham Ruby, Chatham Sapphire

Lab-Grown Pink Sapphire: Pink Sapphire is the stone of purity and hope. With its youthful energy, Pink Sapphire inspires new beginnings. Show her your caring nature by presenting a stone that encompasses tenderness and affection.

Lab-Grown Ruby: Rubies symbolize passion and romance. Slip a Ruby ring on her finger and you are declaring your profound desire for her affection. Keep the flame alive with this fiery expression of your love.

Lab-Grown Sapphire: The deep, rich blue in Sapphire promotes truth and honesty. This magnificent stone represents your loyal commitment to her, forever strengthening your bond.

Interested in shopping our bridal line? You can search our Eternal Flame Collection for an assortment of ring styles. Retail price listed is for the mounting only. Total price will depend on your lab-grown gemstone choice.

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Lab-Grown Gemstone’s Birth Year

How often do you buy a gemstone and know its birth date? Never, right? Until now! Chatham will set your ring with a stone that was harvested at the same time as your love began. Wear your Chatham Lab-Grown Gemstone engagement ring knowing that the stone grew alongside your love for one another. We will also provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity that includes the Growth Year of your center stone as well as the symbolic meaning behind it.

Speak the Language of Love

At a time when originality is being replaced with mass production and duplication, it is vital to find your own individuality. It’s easy to search the web, add to cart and press ‘order.’ The hard part is finding something truly special that speaks to you and your partner.

Your engagement ring should be more that just a symbol of your union. It should tell a story, your love story. It should represent your hope for the future and journey together. It should be a symbol of your past, your present and your future.

Chatham has 80 years of gemstone growth experience. We have refined and honed our skills to produce the very best in lab-grown. Our quality standards in color, clarity and cut are the highest in the lab-grown segment of the jewelry industry.

Because our methods of growth have evolved and improved over the years, our lab-grown gemstones are pure in clarity and vivid in color. We make rare gemstones readily available to you and at an affordable cost. The price would increase exponentially per carat for like-quality mined gemstones.

“Choose the path less traveled” as they say and be different.

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