New Year. New Fashion Trends.

The new year is a time of reflection and planning. For modern fashionistas, this means looking back on the fashion trends of 2022 and making room for new 2023 fashion trends. Modern women rely not only on clothes, but also jewelry to add the finishing touches to each day’s look. Thankfully, jewelry tends to stay in style longer than clothes and other accessories.

Like all fashion trends, old jewelry trends often become new again. In 2022, Y2K fashion trends made their way back into our wardrobes. Fortunately, 2023 continues with the bright colors as well as the big and bold baubles of Y2K fashion. Some 2023 runway models even wore extensive body jewelry pieces as clothing. So don’t be afraid to venture even more into the Y2K jewelry world in 2023. It’s the perfect time to experiment with more jewels, more color, more . . . well, you get the picture.

Today’s jewelry trends are all about expressing yourself with sophisticated color and symbolic motifs. If you prefer minimalism over maximalism, then these fashion trends are for you too. It only takes one glamorous and colorful piece to show the joy of these playful fashion trends.

Sustainable Lab Grown Gemstone Fashion Trends

A foolproof way to ensure your pop of color lends elegance to your outfit is by incorporating color gemstones. The 2023 runway shows featured a colorful array of gemstone jewelry. However, sustainable fashion trends are leading more people towards lab grown gemstones over earth mined.

Increasing in popularity, lab grown gemstones tend to be a more ethical and eco-friendly choice. While no product has zero environmental impact, lab grown gemstones don’t require the removal of large amounts of earth like mining. There’s also no chance of drinking water pollution.

While crystal growers use energy and elements derived from the earth, the carbon footprint of crystal growth is a small fraction of gemstone mining. Of course, each grower’s carbon footprint is different based on their gemstone growing practices. At Chatham, our flux furnaces for growing gemstones are extremely efficient. In fact, the carbon footprint of Chatham production energy in dollars is about 5 cents per carat.

Moreover, Chatham only uses chemicals that are 99.99999% pure. This high level of purity called “five nines” ensures that we can reuse this flux chemical without it wearing out or getting contaminated. On top of this, Chatham reuses and refines much of the equipment. This includes our energy-efficient platinum crucibles where the actual growth takes place.

Today, more people are hopping on this lab grown gemstone trend. However, Chatham became the original architect of lab grown gemstones more than 80 years ago. We don’t follow fashion trends; we invent them. Combatting carbon emissions and taking care of the earth is more than a trend to us—it’s our business model. That’s why we also plant a tree for every jewelry piece sold with One Tree Planted.

Sustainable lab grown gemstones fashion trends, SKU: CP4899YEM, Price: $2,085

The Beauty of Chatham Lab Grown Gemstones

But don’t worry, choosing a more sustainable gemstone doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality or beauty.  On the contrary, Chatham lab grown gemstones naturally have more perfect color and less inclusions than earth-mined gemstones. Furthermore, these gemstones have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as the finest mined gems.

Chatham achieves this high quality and color by carefully controlling the growing environment in a lab. It’s a bit like making ice in your freezer versus finding ice in a lake for example. The freezer ice will be cleaner and more perfect than lake ice because you carefully controlled the environment. In the same way, Chatham recreates the conditions for gems to grow under the earth but in a lab instead.

Except not all lab grown gemstones have Chatham’s excellent quality. This is owing to Chatham’s energy-efficient flux furnaces, one of the greatest secrets to growing our high-quality gemstones. They were specifically invented to maintain 1200 degrees Celsius for a year without any variances—not even one degree. After up to a year of growing, the resulting gemstone has the natural crystal structure that forms in earth-mined gemstones.

Accessible High-Quality Fashion with Lab Grown Gemstones

For the modern fashionista, the more affordable prices of lab grown gems makes keeping up with 2023 fashion trends more attainable. This is due to the price difference between Chatham and mined gemstones of similar quality, which can be dramatic.

In colorless diamonds specifically, the difference varies from 30% to 80% depending on the size, shape, and quality of the diamond. The price difference increases markedly as the weight and quality of the diamond rises.

Although, 2023’s demand for color is best met with Chatham’s kaleidoscope of lab grown color gemstones. With Chatham’s technology, we proudly make rare gemstones such as alexandrite, sapphire, and ruby more accessible. In truth, earth-mined gemstones are often enhanced with heat and fracture filling to improve their appearance. Conversely, Chatham grows nearly flawless gemstones with vivid color naturally. More people are discovering the beauty of lab grown gemstones as a result. By the same token, this fashion trend shows no sign of slowing in 2023.

Color Fashion Trends: Viva Magenta & Dark Pink Sapphire

Pantone named the bright and powerful Viva Magenta as the 2023 Color of the Year. They described the Color of the Year as “a shade rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength. Viva Magenta is brave and fearless, a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.”

Therefore, incorporating Viva Magenta into your wardrobe can help you feel confident and empowered as you tackle this year. It’s a statement-making color that can wake up any outfit. More specifically, touches of Viva Magenta in your accessories go beautifully with pale grays, blues, or pastels. If you’re feeling especially bold, then try the monochromatic trend and wear Viva Magenta with other shades of pink.

But where can I find this year’s color? Chatham has you covered with our dark shade of pink sapphire. Hand cut from the darker rough, these gemstones have the vibrant magenta shade everyone is looking for this year. Thanks to Chatham’s technology and skilled master cutters, Chatham offers this year’s color in a wide array of shapes.

Color Fashion Trends: Viva Magenta and Dark Pink Sapphire

Stand out with Chatham’s lab grown dark pink sapphire for an elegant and trendsetting look. Visit our Store Locator or Book an Appointment to see this gemstone in person at a Chatham Retailer near you.

Heart of Gold Fashion Trends

This year, everyone is wearing their hearts on their sleeves. The universal symbol for love, hearts can represent romantic love, affection, friendship, unity, and care. This classic symbol is evidently making a comeback. In fact, models donned heart-shaped jewelry and accessories at the 2023 fashion shows.

For an elegant and modern twist on the popular heart motif, look no further than Chatham’s Diamond Fashion Collection. This line of 14K white, yellow, and rose gold lab grown diamond jewelry includes heart-shaped jewelry in artsy designs. Given that diamonds never go out of style, they compliment this timeless symbol for a gorgeous piece that matches everything. Wear a heart of gold encrusted with lab grown diamonds to show your heart’s true value and strength.

14K White Gold Lab Grown Diamond Heart Pendant for Heart Fashion Trends, SKU: FDP4940W, PRICE: $2,113.00


This 14K white gold heart-shaped pendant from Chatham’s Diamond Fashion Collection has a unique and artsy geometric design. The center lab grown diamond catches your eye while pavé diamonds accent the heart with just enough sparkle. Resembling two hearts intertwining, this pendant is a beautiful symbol of shared love—whether it’s between lovers, family, or friends.

 Jumping Through Hoops Fashion Trends

Hoop earrings are all the rage on and off the runway. Clearly, this fashion staple is taking on new life in 2023.  Fashionistas are going bigger and bolder with artsy and edgy hoop designs this year.

Be on the cutting edge of fashion with hoop earrings from Chatham’s Color Fashion Collection. Choose from an array of hoop earrings all adorned with lab grown diamonds and a colorful lab grown gemstone. Not only do Chatham’s designs add color and sparkle to your gold hoops, but they feature Chatham-exclusive gemstone cuts. The onion, flame and elongated baguette, for instance, bring unique interest and refined detail for a stunning fashion statement.

Hoop Fashion Trends - Lab Grown Blue Sapphire Hoop Earrings: CE4760WBS-LG PRICE: $2,748.00


Featuring lab grown blue sapphire in Chatham’s exclusive onion cut, these 14K white gold hoops stand out. Bold color, design and the sparkle of lab grown diamonds work together to bring edgy sophistication to your everyday wardrobe. 

Beauty in Nature Fashion Trends

Artists have always been inspired by nature and fashion is no exception. Most recently, 2023 fashion trends see more florals and natural color tones returning. However, this doesn’t mean muted earth tones and pastels. On the contrary, today’s fashion favors the bright and joyful pops of color you might find in a flower garden.

Chatham’s kaleidoscope of color gemstones presents a wide array of color choices. Specifically, pink sapphire is a popular and romantic shade you often find in pink roses. Yellow sapphire, another of our lab grown gemstones, will brighten your day like a field of daisies. For a less feminine shade of pink, the coral of champagne sapphire reminds us of spring blooms.

Beauty in Nature Fashion Trends CP3902RCS $2,211.00


Champagne sapphire’s blush tone set in rose gold flatters every skin tone. Colorless and brown lab grown diamonds envelope the pear-cut gemstone with graceful flourishes like a rosebud blooming. Bring a subtle touch of floral to your style with this lab grown champagne sapphire pendant.

Celestial Fashion Trends

The star motif is one of the most influential symbols today and it’s burning brighter than ever in 2023. Stars are symbols of hope that inspire us to wish and dream. That being said, what better way to hope for the best in 2023 than with star-themed jewelry?

In light of this, Chatham’s Celestial Collection pays tribute to this enduring symbol of hope. With lab grown diamonds set in 14K yellow and white gold, Chatham presents a stellar ensemble of the night sky. High-quality lab grown diamonds in various sizes evoke the luminosity of those famous “diamond[s] in the sky.”  Marrying the popularity of Zodiac signs with the star trend, Chatham’s Celestial Collection also includes Zodiac constellation pendants.


Celestial Fashion Trends - FDR14404W PRICE: 1,588.00


May the stars be your guide with this Lab Grown Diamond Star Ring. Reminiscent of a compass, you’ll never lose your way with this 14K white gold ring. The high-quality center lab grown diamond and accent diamonds outlining this North Star lend their light for a brilliant effect.

Cuffed and Dangerous Fashion Trends

Worn by ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans as status markers and talismans of protection, these powerful statement pieces are making a comeback. While Y2K fashion trends saw cuffs with loud patterns, big shapes and even snake heads, 2023’s cuff fashion prefers more minimalist and delicate designs.

With this in mind, Chatham’s Diamond Fashion Collection features 14K white, yellow and rose gold cuffs with lab grown diamonds. Worn on your wrist or forearm, these versatile fashion cuffs elevate any outfit.

Cuff Fashion Trends -FDC1231W, $6,935.00


This 14K white gold cuff with lab grown diamonds gives the modern woman a touch of empowered elegance. Highlighting the arms, this glimmering fashion cuff adds flair to your everyday fashion or your red-carpet ensemble.

The world is constantly changing, and fashion is no exception. Prepare to flaunt your fashion accordingly by keeping up with these 2023 fashion trends.  As mentioned before, dark pink sapphire and other colorful gemstones are available in at your nearest Chatham Retailer. If you’re in love with the heart-shaped jewelry or bold cuff trend, then browse our lab grown Diamond Fashion Collection. Find even more trends like modern hoop earrings and floral-inspired fashion in the Color Fashion Collection. Lastly, Chatham’s Celestial Collection offers an array of lab grown diamonds in the sky.

Venture into one or more of the previously mentioned 2023 fashion trends with Chatham lab grown jewelry. To that end, Chatham’s maximalist and minimalist designs in lab grown jewelry deliver unique pieces for every modern woman’s personal taste. Chatham’s cutting-edge and trendy 2023 styles likewise add everyday elegance to your wardrobe. With cost-friendly lab grown diamonds and gemstones, keeping up with the latest fashion trends has never looked so elegant.

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