2022 Fall Fashion Trends

Fall generally recalls darker tones with occasional punches of autumnal colors such as honey yellow, burnt orange, emerald and maroon. While these classic fall colors never fail, the fall 2022 fashion trends are pushing the envelope with brighter shades. Pantone’s Autumn/Winter 2022/2023 New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Color Palette pairs lighter tones with autumn colors. The Fall 2022 NYFW collections saw designers rebelling against safe fall fashion with spring or summer shades and lots of bold accessories.

Unsure of how to incorporate the bold and bright pops of color into your autumn wardrobe? You can’t go wrong with fine jewelry. The words “fine jewelry” often suggests classic yellow or white gold adding chic elegance with neutral metallic colors. While gold always elevates an outfit, precious gemstones can provide the intrigue, fun and color that 2022 fall fashion demands.

Chatham Lab Grown Jewelry for Fall

Colorful precious gemstones are less common resulting in a lot of jewelers not reliably carrying a wide selection of color. If you’re looking for a lower price range, this limits your options further. But Chatham offers a broad color wheel of lab grown gemstones at a more reasonable price than earth mined stones. Along with great prices comes great value. Chatham delivers the highest quality in color, clarity and cutting. This earned Chatham a reputation as the world’s leader in lab grown gemstones for over 80 years.

On top of that, our lab grown gemstones also have less impact on the environment than earth mined stones. Fashion-forward and environmentally conscious celebrities continue to bring lab grown jewelry into the forefront of fashion. Names such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Zendaya have worn lab grown jewelry on the red carpet. Chatham also partners with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every piece of jewelry sold.

Chatham’s colorful assortment of lab grown gemstones inspired Chatham’s Color Fashion Collection. This extensive jewelry collection includes contemporary and original jewelry designs as well as new twists on classics. The line incorporates Chatham’s exclusive cuts that only lab grown gemstones can offer. Chatham’s unique cuts and styles deliver interest and originality for the perfect fall statement.

Fall is a time of change, so it’s only fitting that your wardrobe change with it. Spice up your autumn wardrobe without worry. Chatham’s Lifetime Warranty promises we will repair or replace your stone if it ever chips or breaks under ordinary circumstances. Now, let’s talk our favorite 2022 autumn colors to mix and match with Chatham jewelry.

Fall Earth Tones with Lab Grown Emerald

 Some of us are not yet ready to go all in with bright colors this fall. You can always stick to the classic fall earth tones that never fade year after year. Neutral earth tones offer a comforting and natural backdrop for the rich green of emerald. This makes your lab grown emerald jewelry stand out without boldly contrasting the fall color scheme.

Pantone has a lush and fertile Amazon green that reminds us of our lab grown emeralds. Emerald will look bright against a faux leather jacket of Pantone’s Caramel Café shade. Pantone describes it as “a delicious brown hue that tastefully tempts.” You can also pair lab grown emerald with a trench coat or blazer of Martini Olive. It’s a brownish green hue in  Pantone’s fall color palette.

Emerald earrings: CE4767YEM-LG $2,157.00


These 14K yellow gold lab grown emerald earrings incorporate color when it’s too cold to take off your outer layers. Lab grown diamonds lead the eye to the pear-shaped lab grown emeralds, matching the evergreen foliage that survives fall.

Light & Neutral Fall with Lab Grown Aqua Blue Spinel

 Light neutrals are usually seen more in spring and summer. However, there’s never been a better time to wear them in the fall! Effortless white tank tops crossed over into the 2022 fall fashion shows. Trench coats were also popular with their pale tones. These neutrals look amazing with any color. For a splash of brightness, incorporate Pantone’s Waterspout as Chatham lab grown aqua blue spinel jewelry. Aqua blue spinel creates a flattering and effortless look for any skin tone.

Lab grown aqua blue spinel has the cool and refreshing quality of Pantone’s Waterspout. This bright shade of blue goes perfectly with your favorite pair of jeans. While aqua blue spinel is a spring and summer gemstone, it also fits the new fall trend of bright colors.

Aqua Blue Spinel Pendant: CP4266WAQ $2,664.00


Bring the clear blue of the Caribbean Sea to your wardrobe with this 14K white gold pendant. Flowing diamonds artfully encircle the antique cushion lab grown aqua blue spinel which compliments any outfit, warm or cool colored.

Pretty in Lab Grown Pink Sapphire

Pink is all the rage this fall. It was a major contender on the runways. Plus, Pantone included not one but two flirtatious shades of pink in their Autumn/Winter 2022/2023 NYFW Color Palette. Pantone’s Rose Violet offers a bold and vivid pink for those who want to make a statement. A more subtle and floral Nosegay provides another excellent choice for breaking up those traditional fall hues.

Whatever pink suits you best, Chatham lab grown pink sapphire compliments your outfit with shades from pastel to hot pink. Want to embrace your inner Elle-Woods? These hues complement each other well in an all-pink ensemble as seen on many runway models last February.

Lab grown Pink Sapphire Ring: CR12429WPS $2,763.00


Look pretty in pink with this 14K white gold lab grown pink sapphire ring. A halo of diamonds adds even more sparkle to this glamorous accessory.

Fiery Fall with Lab Grown Padparadscha

With bright and fiery colors trending this fall, you can’t go wrong with lab grown padparadscha. Padparadscha’s breathtaking fall leaf colors encapsulate the natural brilliant yellows, oranges and reds of the season.

Whether it’s your favorite dark jeans or navy blazer, rich blues are a fall wardrobe staple. Update your favorite dark blue ensemble to 2022 fall fashion standards with Chatham lab grown padparadscha jewelry. Pantone’s Midnight is the perfect blue backdrop for these fiery colors like the sky after a sunset.

Pantone agrees that their fall palette is not complete without these fiery fall colors. Lava Falls is “an impassioned orange red with a captivating presence” much like padparadscha. If you need a brighter accent color to offset your navy ensemble, try cheerful Samoan Sun. Daredevils can make a statement with the highly visible and whimsical Orange Tiger and matching lab grown padparadscha jewelry. For a punch of fall color and pizazz, lab grown padparadscha is the go-to gem of the season.

Lab grown padparadscha pendant: CP4259YPD, $2,040.00


Brighten your fall ensemble with this 14K yellow gold lab grown padparadscha pendant. From our Sticks & Stones Collection, this diamond-accented pendant features two Chatham-exclusive cuts: elongated baguette and onion.

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