White Pearls

According to ancient legend, pearls are the dew of moonlight, collected by oysters floating on the nighttime sea. This organic gem, created when a mollusk covers a foreign object with layers of lustrous nacre, once happened only by chance. Today, man cultures pearls. Chatham Cultured Pearls are the product of more than a hundred years of refinement of the culturing process to create pearls of the highest quality.

White Pearl Gift Ideas…

A symbol of purity and modesty

The June birthstone

The 3rd and 30th anniversary gem

Traditional for brides

She is traditional with classic style!

Chatham Lab-Grown White Pearls

Chatham cultured pearls are similar to our lab-grown gemstones because nature does the work: we just create the conditions that make the gem grow.  In lab-grown gemstones, we put a gemstone seed in a chamber and recreate the chemistry and temperature in the earth where gems form. A crystal grows on the seed just as it would grow in the earth. For our cultured pearls, a seed is placed in a mollusk.  The mollusk is returned to the ocean and naturally forms a pearl around the seed.

The beauty and quality of Chatham cultured pearls are available exclusively in our Chatham pearl jewelry collection.

About White Pearls

Shining and lustrous, pearls have been treasured throughout history.  In Persian mythology, they are called “the tears of the gods.” In some Muslim legends, the pearl is God’s first act of creation. Many cultures associate pearls with the moon and its silvery lustrous light.

Pearls are an organic gem, created when a mollusk like an oyster covers a foreign object with beautiful layers of nacre, the mother of pearl.

Pearls occasionally form by chance but naturally-occurring pearls have always been rare. In 1917, Cartier traded one double strand of natural pearls for its Fifth Avenue mansion in New York. Today most pearls are cultured by man. A shell bead or mantle tissue is placed inside an oyster and the oyster is returned to the water. When the pearl is later harvested, the oyster has covered the bead or tissue with layers of nacre.

Culturing has allowed more people to enjoy the beauty and allure of pearls. Round and lustrous high-quality pearls are now much more available and affordable.

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